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Why do we need limousine for winter wedding?

Winter is a mystical time for weddings, particularly in the event that you live in a zone that is covered with excellent snow for your large day. As you plan every one of the subtleties, remember to procure a limo administration for the wedding. Not certain you need to go through the cash? Here’s a gander at a couple of main reasons a limo administration is a correct decision for your winter wedding.

Reason #1 – Never late

Attempting to ensure your wedding party all appears on time can be a major migraine, especially in the winter in case you’re managing harsh climate. Very much prepared, proficient limo drivers can undoubtedly manage the climate, and you won’t have to worry about whether everybody will land on schedule.

Reason #2 – Glamour on your tips:

Landing at your wedding in a limo is an incredible method to add a pinch of allure to your unique day. You’ll make a sprinkle and feel like a princess as you step out of the limo at your wedding setting.

Reason #3 – Kick Back and Veg out:

Lamentably, weddings can be upsetting. You’ve invested so a lot of energy arranging, plan, a sorting out the ideal winter wedding. The exact opposite thing you need is to need to manage traffic and explore on this day. With a limo available to you, you can kick back and loosen up a piece. This allows you to make the most of your exceptional day more, and it gives you some security also.

Reason #4 – Nothing to worry about driving even when you are drunk:

On the off chance that you need to toast your exceptional day with a touch of bubbly, having a limo administration ensures you don’t need to stress over driving in the wake of devouring liquor. The exact opposite thing you need is a DUI on your big day, so with a limo driver to deal with the driving, you won’t need to stress over that issue on the off chance that you choose to enjoy a mixed refreshment.

Reason #5 – Will never burn your pocket:

Numerous couples skirt the limo since they figure it will be excessively costly, however limo administrations offer some magnificent rates and incredible bundles for weddings. Regardless of your spending limit, you’re certain to locate a decent bundle that works for you.

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Checklist for Wedding Limo Hire

Wedding is an important day for which one needs to make sure that everything is well planned, managed and executed. For the wedding day, there are several things that need to be arranged for and looked into. A very important aspect of wedding day is to arrange for the right kind of transportation for the bride, groom, their families as well as the guests attending the wedding.

For the wedding day, one always wants to hire the best luxury limo services so that the transportation of the guests is easy and convenient. There are several luxury limo services that provide limos for hire for wedding. These limo services ensure that the guests get the best travel experience and enjoy the wedding to the fullest.

When hiring a luxury limo service for the wedding, the following is the checklist that needs to be considered:

  • Chauffeurs: The most important factor that needs to be considered when hiring limo services for a wedding is the chauffeurs who will drive the limos. It is essential to make sure that the chauffeurs are well-trained, have a valid license and permit to drive the limos. It is also important to make sure that the chauffeurs are helpful and have a pleasing personality so that the guests feel good about their ride.
  • Refreshments: For the wedding day, one must make sure to hire limo services that also provide refreshments for the guests so that they can enjoy their ride.
  • Red carpet treatment: For the wedding day, one needs to be treated in a special manner. The groom and the bride arranging for the luxury limo transport must ensure that they hire the limo services that offer the best transport facilities and drop off and pick up the bride and the groom at the designated place in the most luxurious manner.
  • Capacity: When hiring limos for the wedding for guests, it is essential to make sure that one knows about the number of guests so that the right number of vehicles can be arranged. This enables the guests to travel in complete comfort and luxury. It is essential to make sure that limos with enough seating capacity are arranged for along with the necessary facilities and amenities.
  • Price: Cost is an important consideration when it comes to hiring luxury limos for the wedding day. It is best to ask for quotes from a few companies before deciding upon the best company to hire the wedding limos from. It is also essential to make sure that the limos are hired at the best prices and there are no hidden costs that the company asks for later.

JC Limousines is a well-known limo service provider in Sydney, We cater to a large number of clients and offer limo services at best prices for different occasions.

Keep in mind these crucial tips when selecting a wedding limo service

Your wedding day is one of those occasions which you will remember for a lifetime. This is one reason, why you should make every possible effort to make it memorable for not only yourself but for all those people who come to attend it. While everything associated with this day turns out to be extravagant and ultimate, there are still certain arrangements which can waylay the entire process by acting as barriers.

Since, transport services can turn out to be a matter of major worry, it is better that it gets arranged as earliest as possible so that the wedding can take place in a smooth manner. Limousine being one of the best vehicles to opt for this day, should be your priority when planning an extravagant wedding. There are certain tips which you should keep in mind while choosing a professional wedding limo. Take a quick look at the below-mentioned points to know about them:

  • Do not forget looking for companies on the internet. Since, it is the hub of all information, none other than it can help you with this task. Once you are ready with the list, make sure you visit every website.
  • Grabbing information of the company you want to hook up with is of extreme importance. For this, make sure that you read everything that is given on the website. You may, for this matter, also check what previous customers have written about them on their social media profiles. This will give you a better idea of whether or not you should consider it for your need.
  • Check their fleet. Keep in mind one thing that better the company better will be their fleet. This means that the company which has more number of vehicles has a good reputation in the market place. Thus, make sure that the service you are trying to consider has a good variety of vehicles.

All set to arrange the best for your big day? Start with booking a lush limo ride. To reserve, contact us at JC Limousines. We have a wide range of vehicles so that our customers get ample choices to select one from. Our chauffeurs are expert and well understand how precious your wedding day is for you. For this, they make sure that you and your guests are served in the best possible manner. To book a ride, call 1800-525-466.

Wedding Cars Sydney

Life brings lot of special occasions and events to celebrate it with style and luxury. Wedding is one such occasion of the life that calls for special celebration. The idea of Hiring a Limousine for wedding springs in most of the couple’s minds. It will take you comfortably and in style to the wedding venue. But hiring a limo of a reputed limo company depends upon the individual choices.

A posh wedding car is a status symbol for you. You can choose from a wide array of fleets exclusively available to offer an elegant ride to the wedding couple.

Extensive range of limos include-

  • Hummer limos
  • Stretch limos
  • Rolls Royce Phantom
  • Lincoln Navigator
  • Mercedes Benz
  • Limo bus

Our fleet is meticulously maintained and kept up to date. They offer grand space so that wedding dress of the bride is not spoiled due to the space constraint. These posh limos can make your entry and exit the talk of the night.

It provides special touch by offering plush leather seating for comfortable ride, chilled champagne to toast the event, soothing music to calm your nerves, audio and video entertainment facilities to entertain the couple on the way, and fiber optic lighting to create warm and elegant ambiance inside. Special emphasis is given to the privacy partition between passenger and the chauffeur so that the passenger can cherish some of his private moments. Also windows are tinted to give you the aloofness during the ride. Your wedding cars will be elegantly decorated with flowers and ribbons.

On your auspicious day, your car will be ridden by a professional and courteous chauffeur. They know the areas well and will safely transit you to your destination. You will be unobtrusively pampered with the red carpet treatment and other small gestures to make you feel like royalty. They don’t mind going an extra mile to make your wedding the most special memory of your life.

If looking to hire a wedding limo in Sydney, get in touch with JC limousines. Our vehicles are ultimate in comfort and convenience. They will ride you to the venue in glamour thus making your day highly ravishing.

Call to get detailed information on the wedding limo rental packages and avail our exceptional services.


Top Benefits of Wedding Cars

Wedding is the most important day of one’s life, and it has to be just perfect. Even small negligence can make the event turn up and down, and you do not want that. Wedding needs a lot of planning. The most important aspect, to take care of, is the transportation. It is where Wedding Cars Sydney offers you a respite.

Many of your friends and relatives might be traveling from different cities just to be the part of your special day. Receiving them from the airport, transporting them to the hotel and then to the wedding venue is a big responsibility. Any mistake on your part can spoil the event.

Wedding Cars takes care of all your needs. Your guest will be transported safely and hassle-free to venue. He remains at your dispense 24/7. All your needs are well-taken care of.

So if you have not considered hiring a Limo for your big day, give it a thought. Here are the few benefits of availing these services.

Stress-free travel: You would not like to be the designated chauffeur for your wedding day. Such occasions are significant and need the services of a professional to handle all the arrangements. If the cars are arranged to pick and drop the guest, you can take a sigh of relief as it is tough to do carpooling and adjusting your guest with other friends and family members.

Besides this, you also reach the venue in style and most importantly in full privacy. Traveling with relatives can be an enormous mess as you may not get the proper space to settle in. Rest and peaceful ride are must for the bride and groom both so they can look fresh on their special day.

The services are on time. The chauffeur announces his arrivals ten minutes prior the pickup time. He behaves courteously. He also helps the bride, to comfortably settle in the ride before embarking the journey.

Luxurious ride: Limos are usually associated with extravagance. They are preferred cars for Hollywood stars, celebrities and people of relevance. The idea of traveling in one gives you a sense of affluence and style that no other vehicle can offer. Above all, the services have become pocket-friendly. You do not have to spend a fortune in renting one for your big day.

Spacious: Such modish automobiles are roomy. You feel at ease by traveling in them.

Privacy: The wedding cars are properly screened. Tinted windows ensure you get privacy with your partner.

Amenities: It comes stuffed with all features like mini bar, TV units, music systems and lot more to make your day full of excitement.

For Hiring Wedding cars in Sydney, do not hesitate to call JC Limos. You can also fill our online form for reservations.

Wedding Limo Sydney- Choosing the best car for the day


Planning a wedding can be a daunting task. There are many things that have to be planned to make sure everything is set right. One of those details is choosing a Wedding Car Sydney. Transportation is often forgotten in the shuffle of picking the right dress, flowers and venue. The Wedding Limousine is one of the most important decisions to make. There are so many models of Limos to choose from. You can find what exactly you want for the special day.

The selection of the car is crucial. It bespoke your style and class. For your wedding, you want to ride in the best available vehicle. It is paramount, as a luxury wedding car offers comfort that is unmatchable. The selection process also varies as per your budget, number of people, and preferences. Hiring a Wedding Limousine adds fun and excitement to the occasion like no other vehicle.

Wedding Limos Sydney

The majority of people dream of traveling in a Stretch Limo on their wedding day. A Stretch Limo looks magnificent and classy. Popular Wedding Limos that fall in this category includes Stretch Chrysler, Stretch Ford LTD, Hummer Limousine and Porsche Cayenne Stretch among others.

One of the most obvious uses for availing these services on wedding are the transportation of the bride to the venue. Many brides also choose to ride with their family and close friends. Stretch Limos are available in different sizes. For this auspicious occasion, people prefer white Limos.

Wedding Cars Sydney

If you want to be a trend setter, luxury cars might be your pick. These cars look great. The popular Wedding cars include BMW, Maserati Quattroporte, Mercedes S Class, Audi A8, BMW X5, Mercedes E-Class and SUV models like a Cadillac Escalade. When you travel in any of these to your wedding venue, you create a style statement of your own.

However, Luxury Wedding cars are not that spacious as Stretch Limos, but they offer an added advantage that the wedding couple can travel all alone without having to accommodate guests with them. It offers more comfort.

It offers the newly wedded couple a few moments of their own. The vehicle remains at the standby until the event is over. The chauffeur takes you leave, after dropping you home.

Call JC Limos for Wedding Limos at highly competitive prices. We offer luxury wedding cars and Stretch Limos for hire. Fill our online form for free quotes or reservation. To talk to our representative, call us.

Sydney Wedding Cars- Benefits of hiring luxury vehicles

wedding-limo-sydneyPlanning a wedding can be a daunting task. Venue selection, food menu, invitations… all these things should be well planned. Sometimes in a rush to organize everything, we forget to arrange transportation. Choosing a Sydney Wedding car in some ways is one of the most important decisions.

If you choose to hire Wedding car from an unreliable company, you could be left stranded on your big day. This is the reason, the first step is to pick a reliable, licensed and experienced provider. A reliable provider makes sure all is organized as per the plan and offer well maintained vehicles. Their chauffeurs are punctual and professional.

Here are the ways a Limo can make your day memorable and fun filled.

Arriving to the wedding
One of the foremost uses of Sydney Wedding cars is to transport the bride to the wedding venue. Brides can travel in a Limo with her friends, or even parents. Some of them also like to travel with their groom and the entire wedding party. Traveling in a Limo to the venue adds style to the event. Limos are spacious and can carry a large number of people in them.

Wedding cars are available in many styles and sizes. A wedding couple usually prefers to rent a traditional White Limousine for the event, but today people also like to hire Super Stretch Hummer and other luxury vehicles like BMW and Rolls Royce for the occasion.

You must consider your style, taste and budget before hiring a Limo. Choose a Limo that suits your style.

Apart from this you can also use a Limo on your wedding day like

Transportation for your special guests
Many wedding ceremonies get delayed when a special guest does not reach on the occasion timely. This is the reason many people hire more than one wedding car for transporting their guest to and from the venue. These vehicles are rented to provide pick and drop off services for the out of town guests.

Limo services pick them from the airport and make sure the guest reaches the wedding venue timely. It reduces your stress and also make your guest feel special about themselves.

For transportation to reception venue

This is the best way to move the bride, groom and other wedding party from the church to the reception venue. You can choose to ride in a separate Limo and can send the wedding party in the other rented cars. Choosing a limo service for this ensures that everybody arrives at the reception in a timely manner.

Honeymoon gateway
Hiring a limousine for a few extra hours also offers drop to the airport.

Dropping guest who should not drive
The wedding car can also be used for transporting those guests who have indulged in a lot of drinking. Providing a designated driver is a great way to ensure your guest arrives home safely.

With all these benefits, you must also be considering hiring luxury vehicles for your wedding, contact us for hiring Sydney Wedding cars at reasonable rates.

Advantages of Hiring Wedding Limos


Your wedding day is very special. You want to enjoy it to the fullest and remember it with a smile. Most people hire Wedding Limos to make their day enjoyable and fun filled. There are many Limo providers in Sydney that offer luxury cars for weddings.

Here are the benefits of hiring Sydney Wedding Limos.

A wedding Limo adds a touch of luxury to your special day. A uniformed chauffeur will come to pick you and your beautiful bride for the wedding ceremony. The memory of this day will bring a smile on your face even after a decade of your marriage. A Limo ride to the wedding venue also adds to your convenience as you don’t have to drive on your own to the venue. You can leave all parking and traffic hassles on the chauffeur.

It can accommodate your whole wedding party. There are many instances wherein the bride and groom have to travel to the venue with their friends. A Limo has room for all your friends. Each one of you can fit in the vehicle comfortably.

Limos for weddings are equipped with amenities. Different amenities you can use for your wedding day includes champagne, DVD/LCD players, red carpet services, romantic music and flowers. These amenities make your ride enjoyable.

Sydney Wedding Limos also offer transportation to the airport. After the reception party, the chauffeur will drop you to the airport for your honeymoon. Limos packages also include airport pick and drop facilities for your guest. So you don’t have to send cash to get your guest from the airport.

The wedding day is already very stressful. A Limo can take away all your worries. All your guests will be dropped to the venue. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about how you are going to get to the wedding venue.

A wedding day Limo picks you timely from your place so that you don’t get late for your wedding ceremony. The Limo waits for you outside until you take your wedding vows.

If your wedding is near, start looking for a reputable Limo provider in the area. Search for them online. Make a list of the top five providers and contact them one by one. Inquire about their packages and rental cost. Compare them and then take your decision. Make sure you hire a Limo from a licensed provider.

For Wedding Limos in Sydney, contact us. We offer red carpet services, champagne and flowers in our Limo rental packages.

Plan your wedding in style with Sydney limo

Wedding is one big event in everyone’s life. So make your wedding an extravagant affair by giving royal touch to it. While planning for other important things for your wedding; transportation is generally forgotten. What if you have to wait long hours for the cab fully dressed on the most special day of your life? Let parking and driving be one less thing that you have to worry about on your big day. Hire one personalized chauffeur driven limousine in Sydney to have a comfortable first ride with your beautiful bride adding comfort and style to your special event.

Magnificently decorated Sydney wedding cars offer you chance to feel the elegance with its royal looks. With wide variety of top quality fleet offered, select one perfect limousine as per your needs and budget. You will experience real luxury while traveling with wedding limo hire in Sydney.

The best way to ensure a stress-free day of travel is to commute comfortably without any sort of tension with reliablewedding limousine service. Do your planning in advance that how you will get to the church, photo destinations and reception. Prior planning proves to be beneficial on your special day.

Hiring an affordable limo service is always advantageous to those who want their events to reflect a touch of elegance so that it becomes unforgettable event of ones life. When you are hiring services of a limo company, you have to ensure that the company provides safety and their vehicles are registered, insured and licensed.

Search for one perfect limo hire company in your area. Wedding limousines with well trained, professional and courteous chauffeurs take you safely to your event and allows you to feel the difference while travelling with them. It takes you elegantly from your place to church and to reception venue with chance to enjoy all high tech amenities embedded within wedding limousine.

JC limousine is a committed limo hire company in Sydney. It offers luxury wedding transportation services to their client’s. Our dedication and unrivaled service will ensure comfortable travel on your special day that is luxurious, elegant and stylish.

 Our wedding packages offer you:

* Fully licensed and well attired chauffeurs
* Red carpet service to make you feel special
* White satin ribbons (or your choice of alternate color)
* Wedding tulle
* Chilled beverages and champagne to toast the event.
* Magnetic newly wedded sign board.

Wedding limo rental Sydney helps you add charm to your special day. We ensure you great time traveling with us; you will enjoy a smooth and stylish ride.