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The Best Stretch Limos to be Hired

Limousines we know are expensive and luxurious cars. Many people often dream of travelling in limos and not everyone can buy them. However, travelling in limos is an easy thing today because of limo hire services. Limo hire services have been operational since the last few years. There are many limo services that offer their limos on a rental basis to people who desire to travel in these vehicles. In addition, the limo services also offer great ease and convenience of travelling.

Limousines are of different types. Stretch limousines are the ones that can be used to seat 6 to 20 passengers at a time. These can be used for travel of a small group of people for any type of occasions. Most limo service providers maintain stretch limos in their fleet of limousines so that the travel needs of a wide range of clients can be met.

Stretch limos are also very luxurious vehicles. These are not only crafted beautifully and comfortably but are also equipped with features and facilities that make travelling stylish and relaxed. The most popular stretch limos that can be hired from limo service providers include:

  • Stretch Lincoln Town Car: This classic stretch limo can seat 6 to 12 passengers at a time. This stretch limo is a highly comfortable vehicle and has several features like climate control, mirrored ceiling, comfortable seats and is also provided with several amenities for the passengers to have a comfortable ride.
  • Ford LTD Stretch: This stretch limo can seat up to 11 passengers at a time. This limousine is provided with several amenities and facilities like neon lighting, entertainment system, full length bar etc. The limo is provided with comfortable seats and offers enough legroom for all passengers to travel in great comfort.
  • Stretch Limo Chrysler 300: This stretch limo represents style and elegance. It is provided with all luxurious features and amenities that passengers can enjoy when travelling. The limo is equipped with a bar, TV, fibre optic lighting, comfortable seats and also TV and digital control panel.
  • Stretch SUV H2 Hummer: This stretch limousine can seat up to 14 passengers. It is provided with several features and amenities like personal bar, entertainment and sound system as well as plasma TV and DVD player. The travellers are sure to have a great ride in this stretch limo.
  • Stretch Lincoln Navigator: This limousine offers great luxury transportation for up to 14 passengers at a time. It is equipped with a personal bar, entertainment system and comfortable seats. The limo also offers enough space for all passengers to travel in great comfort.

JC Limousines is a well-known limo service provider in Sydney with its headquarters at Baulkham Hills. We offer reliable and high quality limo services for different occasions to meet the travel needs of our clients within and outside Australia.

All you need to know about Stretch Limousines

Wedding, bachelor party, birthday bash, anniversary celebration and prom…… A Stretch Limousine fit perfect for all these occasions. These luxury vehicles can accommodate around six to twelve people in it comfortably. Elegance, style and stature… A Limo ride bespoke loud of these attributes.


A stretch limo is available in various models, including SUV’s, Lincolns, Hummer, Chrysler and lot more. They are available in number colours so you can choose the one you like. Apart from this, these vehicles are luxurious from inside and out both.


They come equipped with latest entertainment amenities, including, surround sound music system, fiber optic lighting, and plasma screens. The new and upgraded models also have a dance floor, smoke machines and what not. The service providers cater to all your needs no matter you want fresh flowers, Godiva chocolates, lighting, fragrant candles and soft music.  The company will decorate the car for any exclusive event like birthday and wedding within your budget.


Earlier, the use of Stretch cars was just limited to business persons, politicians and celebrities. However, due to the growing demand of the vehicle, many new firms come up in the business. It is the reason the prices of the services have gone down, and this pushed the Limo demand.

However, now many business firms and hotels use these services for airport pick and drop of their clients. They make use of both Sedans and Stretch limos for their purposes.

Similarly, they have gone popular to use for leisure purposes. The suave and sophistication of the vehicle have made it a number one choice for birthday parties, anniversaries and weddings. The ease and comfort of traveling in a Limousine are unmatchable.

If in a near future, a special occasion is on the charts, do not hesitate to book one. Find a reputable, professional and reliable service provider in your region to avail the limo from. Make sure you verify their background and check their records. Read their reviews online and talk to their previous clients and ask about their experience with them.

Get quotes from three to four companies and choose the one that offers you the best deal.  Prior to signing the rental contract, read it carefully.

For Stretch Limo hire Sydney, get in touch with JC Limousines. Call us for more details on our services and packages. You can also fill our online forms for reservations. We are available 24/7 to cater to your needs.