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What makes limo service cost-effective in nature?

Many people from across the world find difficulty in understand that fact that limousine is a cost-effective ride. Reason being its price structure which is slightly higher than the average cabs and other transport services available easily in every town and city.

Their idea about this service is logically correct! However, only till the time they haven’t traveled in it. Those who have considered this service for their commuting requirements well understand how cost effective and affordable it is in nature.

Take a quick look at the undermentioned points to make yourself aware of how this mode of transport is better than others not only in terms of money but also in terms of quality as well as lavishness:

  • A basic limousine is capable of loading a minimum of 6 passengers and 12 at maximum. Do you know of any cab or a taxi that can do the same? Absolutely not. Even if they are capable of doing it, they will always charge you extra for booking a bigger vehicle and that makes it equal to the price that you will pay for a high end car like that of a limousine.
  • Talking of luxuries, limousine is the most lavish car you can ever come across. From its exterior to interior, each and everything that this vehicle consists of is unique and stylish in its own way. The sitting arrangement, window design, lighting, music, ceiling! And every other element that is fitted into this car is lush beyond your imagination and anticipation.
  • The kind of safety this car provides is matchless. No other transport service is capable of proffering something of this sort. The service makes sure that each and every child and elderly person present in the car is given strict protection measures throughout the journey.
  • Timeliness is another key feature of this car. This is like a bonus that limo clients get with the service. No matter how long the journey is, one will never get delayed and that is a guarantee.

Want to acquire the best limo service of the town? Get in touch with us at JC limousines to get the finest and immersive ride experience. For more details about our services, chauffeurs, fleet and areas, visit our website today. For reservations and other queries, ring us up or simply put in an email. We wish to hear from you soon.

Tops Reasons for Choosing Luxury Limo Services

Limo services are regarded as the most luxurious form of ground transportation that can be used these days. Limousines can be hired at affordable and competitive prices by these days from limo service providers. Limousines enable people to travel in luxury, style and comfort not offered by any other means of transport. This is the reason why limo services are growing in popularity with each passing day and more and more people are opting for limo services.

There are several reasons for choosing luxurious limo services that include:

  • Safety: Limo services are by far the safest means of travelling especially when it comes to travelling late at night. Limo service providers make sure that limos are driven by chauffeurs who can handle any type of problem that may arise during the travel. Hiring limo services means that limousines will be available to drive one around at odd hours or late at night and one is bound to reach home safe at night.
  • Convenience: Limo services offer great convenience which is why many people opt for these. When going into lonely areas or areas where there are parking problems, one can easily hire limos as the chauffeurs take care of the parking. Also limo services offer convenience of easy and timely pick-up and drop that enables the clients to ride in a relaxed manner.
  • Comfort: Comfort is another reason why luxury limo services are opted for by many people for ground transportation. Limos are designed with very comfortable seats and are spacious enough to enable many people to travel together easily. Limos also are equipped with many entertainment features and facilities that passengers can enjoy during the ride. Limousines are the best means of enjoying a hassle-free ride.
  • Cost effective: Limos are very expensive vehicles but hiring limo services can be a cost effective means of travelling. Limos are rented out at affordable prices and so these can be hired easily by anyone. Also limo services offer several amenities and packages for the ride making the journey affordable and not very expensive. Also when hiring limos, the passengers do not have to worry about any extra charges as all costs are included in the rental price.
  • Experience: Travelling in a limo is an experience in itself. Many people opt for limo services to enjoy the luxury experience that these vehicles have to offer. Limos enable people to travel in great style enjoying the luxuriousness and also the amenities offered by these vehicles.

JC Limousines is a reputed limo service provider in Sydney. We offer luxury ground transportation to our clients in the best fleet of limousines. We ensure that our clients enjoy a safe and hassle-free ride in our vehicles and have an experience of a lifetime.

Important tips on how to grab a memorable limo ride

Limousines have a way of making their clients feel special. Since it offers multifarious benefits to each and every person, your ride becomes memorable the moment you enter the vehicle. The chauffeurs have a very important role to play during the entire journey because your experience at the end of the day depends upon the kind of service he offers to you.

Below mentioned are some tips which if you follow will help you in acquiring a memorable limo ride. Take a quick look to grab information on the same:

  • Be friendly with your chauffeur. Since he is the one to drop you to your location expediently, you need to make sure that you be in good terms with him for fetching a comfortable and smooth ride.
  • Do not create a hassle for him while driving. Since chauffeurs are expert and professional in their jobs they know how to drop you to your location in a perfect manner. Be patient and let him do his job. You will not encounter any delays or troubles when commuting with him.
  • It is always better to carry things for you that can keep you entertained. This is mandatory just in case you plan to have fun on wheels with your bunch of friends. These items could be cards or other games which can keep you involved throughout the journey. Since the ambiance and environment is already created by the car itself, all you can do is just add icing to the cake for making it one to remember.
  • Choose the correct package. A wide range of facilities are available in them. Thus, if you are looking forward to certain refreshments or other items that will be required by you during the journey then make sure you get them added in your ride by choosing the correct plan for your commuting needs.

Are you planning to consider a limo ride for your next travel plan? Get in touch with us at JC limos to acquire a smooth ride. We promise that you will attain a very comfortable experience when booking a limo from us. We have a wide range of vehicles ready for you, all you have to do is select the one that suits your requirement, enter your locations and get the journey started. To reserve a ride or to know more about our company or the services, call or drop a mail.

Run your travel plan smoothly by hiring a professional limo service

Planning an event calls for various arrangements, out of which booking vehicles for commuting purpose is one of the toughest you have to go through. Since you want your event to be the best, it is important that you act attentively while looking for a classy and reliable transport service. Limousine being one of the superior cars, always has an edge over other modes of transport. Booking this service for your guests mean, gaining a good number of compliments. There are too many reasons behind considering this service for your special events, below mentioned are some important ones. Take a quick look:

  • The hunt for limousine can be a time-consuming task because you have to make a choice amongst many companies. Once you have selected the right company then nobody can stop you from gaining the finest experience. Since limousine comes with ample plush facilities, hiring it for your guests will portray your style and class in the most efficient manner.
  • The best part about this service is that it offers prompt rides, which happens to be very important when planning big scale events. Since this vehicle picks and drops all your guests, just the way you guide and anticipate, hiring this vehicle never pushes you into the bubble of discontentment.
  • An average limo can easily accommodate 5-10 people. This means that it is very roomy and spacious in nature. Now that, people prefer commuting in groups when going for major events, hiring this vehicle will suit your purpose the most. The best feature amidst this all is that limousine is a very cost-effective manner of riding around the city. Since it does not cost a fortune and accommodates large group easily, considering it for your special occasions proves to be idyllic.

Are you planning to arrange a plush limousine ride for your guests? Get in touch with us at JC Limousines to avail the best car for your loved ones. Our chauffeurs know the entire area pretty well and understand the techniques of serving their clients in the best manner. Not only this, but our fleet is immaculate in condition and never puts passengers in any sort of a trouble. To book with us a ride or to know about our services, you can call us at 1800-525-466. Our providers make sure that the best is served to you, once you hook up with us. We look forward to hear from you soon.

Consider limo service to make your big occasion memorable

Planning an event that turns out to be both successful and memorable can be a very difficult task. Since there are a lot of things that need major focus and great arrangement, performing them all with full efficiency can be very hard for all of us. Arranging vehicles for guests is one of the toughest tasks amongst all because considering a service which offers a combination of luxury, safety and comfort, is hard to find.

Limousine being one of the best modes of transport across the world has innumerable benefits to offer. From providing lavish rides to protecting passengers in the best possible manner, this service has it all. Below mentioned are some important points which depict how limo service can make your big occasion memorable. Take quick look:

  • Your occasion does not begin the moment you enter the venue, but when you start riding to reach your designation. To be precise, the vehicle which picks you up is entirely responsible to lift your mood, cheer you up, put a good impression and make you excited for the big event. Now imagine, this being done by a lustrous limo? Does it not sound just perfect? It absolutely does! Thus, considering this mode of transport for your major occasion will turn out to be just ideal.
  • Since the chauffeurs this service offer understand well the requirements of the passengers and are also well versed with all the routes, leaving alone your precious guests will never be a matter of trouble. They know how to take the best care of the passengers and provide top notch security and safety measures. Not only this but they are also very prompt in performing their jobs. The service guarantees that the vehicle will reach your doorstep as per the time you mentioned while booking. All these facilities when clubbed together, provide a ride that is memorable and unique.

Planning a big occasion? Do not worry. Book your rides with us at JC limousines. We promise, that our team will take care of your guests and give them a VIP treatment, just the way you anticipate. Our fleet is in immaculate condition, shiny and lustrous, just ideal for your purpose. Not only this but our team of chauffeurs is also professional. They are friendly, fluent and well dressed! To reserve a ride or to know more about our services, give a call at 1800-525-466.

Explore Sydney with Limo Services

If you are looking forward to explore an incredible location in New South Wales, Sydney is the top location. South Wales abounds many fantastic cities and Sydney is one of them. It is a beautiful city due to its idyllic balance of architecture, iconic landmarks, beautiful harbour, botanic gardens and impressive skyline. It has many worth seeing places that you can’t miss to see. The best idea to explore the city is to hire limo services. Plan a weekend to the city and let chauffeur navigate you around. Do it for your family with whom you hardly get time to spend due to your professional commitments.

When it comes to Sydney Limo Services, there are lots of benefits associated with it.

Places to Visit

Reserving a limo lets you explore the city in the way you want. You just need to plan your itinerary, rest leave its flawless execution on the providers. The chauffeur will take you to every place on your itinerary. During sightseeing tour, you can take a pause according to your whims and wishes to admire the breathtaking beauty of the city. You can drop to enjoy the Sydney’s Sea Life Aquarium, popular beaches, scenic beauty, Mountains, Caves, and a lot more.

Timely services

The chauffeur at the disposal is knowledgeable regarding the city routes. Thus, you can run away the risk of loosing the track of the routes. You will be taken to your destination on time. Don’t worry about traffic and navigation; you will be taken from the shortest route possible. The state of art facilities equipped inside the vehicle ensures the timely arrival and departure of the car. The professionals ensure that you explore every place on your list in time.

A touch of style and grandeur

Riding in posh vehicles will add a touch of style and elegance to your travel. It comes equipped with full seat comfortable and plush reclining seats, fiber optic lighting, entertainment units, sound system, ice chests bars, large luggage space, and a lot more. Your entry and exit will surely make the heads turn around.

To explore Sydney in the best possible manner, consider hiring limos with JC Limos. We are experienced specialists in offering reliable chauffeured transportation to our clients. Our exceptional and professional service will make your journey an ever lasting memory. Call us for more details. You can also fill our online forms for free reservation.

Hiring the limos online to enjoy quality

If you are planning a trip or outing with your friends or family, then hiring the limo would be the best choice for your smooth and relaxing transportation. Limo transportation service is available for catering your number of occasions such as airport pick ups and drop facility, weddings, birthday parties, prom nights, bachelor parties, and many such occasions.

Hiring a limo transportation of a reputable limo company is the utmost important decision one has to take before hiring any limo. Every limo service provider offers a wide array of luxurious limos equipped with modern amenities. But the quality of service each limo service provider offers differs.

Now you can get rid of hassles of standing in long queues and waiting for long span of time for booking a limo. You can book your desired limo online and without stepping out of your home.

Online booking offers numerous advantages to the customers. It includes-

  • Comparing the limos of different limo service provider– Surfing online provides you the advantage of instant visual comparison. You can compare the limos of different limo service providers and choose the best one suiting your budget and requirements.
  • Provides different variety of limos– Hiring a limo online, you can get the diversity of limos to choose from. You can book any car of your choice be it be sedan, SUV, hummer limos, Mercedes, limo buses, and many such latest model of limos. You can finalize any of the limo with just a click and facility of online payment.
  • Read the reviews– You can even have an access to the reviews of different limo service providers. Customers you have been the previous users of the particular limo company share their experiences which in turn can influence you’re buying decision.
  • Amenities offered– The type of amenities a limo company offers greatly affects the buying decision of the people. Online facility allows you to check the type of amenities a limo service provider offers. A luxurious car must be loaded with the modern facilities including plush leather seating, adequate space, entertainment facilities, ice chilled beverages, unique lighting system, and tinted windows.
  • Acquainting with the credentials– Online facility offers you the opportunity of check the credentials of the limo company ensuring whether it is meticulously maintained, or whether it is insured and certified.
  • Check for the reliability of the chauffeurs– Booking the limos online, allow you to check the reliability and professionalism of the chauffeurs of various limo service providers. A good limo company offers trained chauffeurs well acquainted with the city routes and courteous enough to go an extra mile to surpass the expectations of the customers.

So next time if you plan to hire limo transportation for any of the occasion, avail JC Limousine services. We provide one of the best limo services in the Sydney at very affordable rates. You can call us or fill our online reservation form. Our services are available round the clock to assist you with your needs.

Limousines Sydney- for a perfect occasion

Life brings loads of occasions and special events to celebrate and experience luxury. So in order to add a few memorable moments to your life, it becomes necessary not to refrain from the availing the opportunities to hire Limousines Sydney.

Moving around a metropolitan city like Sydney becomes uncomfortable due to traffic. It adds to your stress while you are already worn down by your hectic way of life. So reward yourself with a touch of comfort that only a Limousine can offer.

Sydney is a very beautiful and developed city with a good transport infrastructure. It is a popular tourist and business hub. Many leisure and business travelers frequently flock the city. So they usually rely on car rentals for their transit. The limo is the hot favorite of them. They like to avail a stylish ride to the destination. Why only the tourists, even these are quite popular among residents of the region. The agencies offer a wide range of services such as corporate travel, airport transfers, wedding, special events and lot more.

Corporate Car Hire

Business travelers are always in a rush. Each minute is important for them. So hiring corporate vehicles help earn them a load of benefits. Executives represent a brand name. Driving around in Limo uplifts the reputation and stature of your company. Also, the option helps you save a lot of time and money.

Airport transfers

Sydney airport remains quite busy. Getting transport from the airstrip during busy hours can be quite challenging. Moreover, long distance flights leave you tiresome at times. Many providers offer affordable packages for aerodrome transit services. So you need not stand in the queue waiting for the next available cab or a shuttle. The chauffeur meets you at the baggage claim, helps you with the luggage and takes you to the car.

Wedding Limos

Marriage is one of the most special occasions in one’s life. Leaving the transportation on a reliable firm makes sure the wedding runs smoothly and timely. Ride in glamour to the venue. The firms have vintage and exotic cars to cater to such occasions.

Special events and city tours

Celebrations are a part of our lives. No matter it is just another birthday or your anniversary or a special night out with friends, let a Limo, get you to the destination and back.

Sydney is a top tourist destination. The firms offer sightseeing tour packages at affordable prices. A luxury tour adds to your experience and makes it unforgettable.

For hiring best limousines Sydney, get in touch with JC Limousines. We offer car rentals for corporate and leisure travel needs. Call us for details.

Mistakes that can cause your Limo ride to be cancelled

Every new season brings loads of events and parties and for special occasions, people like to hire Limos. So if you have an important event on the chart, have a look at the article for the list of actions that could get your ride cancelled.

Not reading the fine print carefully

Read your contract thoroughly before signing it. Ask questions if you have any doubts. The providers are always there to help you. Many issues may create during the day of your travel if you do not read the fine print carefully.

Not signing the contract

Many of us forget to sign the contract and send it to the provider. If the firm fails to get that written confirmation from you, they call off your booking.


Most companies require the passengers to deposit a sum of money to confirm the reservation. If you do not pay the deposit on time, then your booking may be cancelled. Some firms also ask for full payment beforehand, so make sure you thoroughly understand their fee structure so that so aren’t left without a ride at last.

Not confirming your booking

Most of the firms will call you 24 hours before the scheduled pickup to confirm the details of the travel. If you do not talk to the representative, they can terminate service.

Taking too many people along

Every vehicle has its seating capacity. So if you attempt to carry more passengers than the vehicle can safely transport, your driver has the right to refuse to do so. If your number change, make sure you up-to-date the number of passengers so that you face no issues on the day of the travel.

Underage drinking

Underage drinking is a strict no. So if they find underage carrying drinks with him/her, the driver call off the services immediately.


Most of the providers do not allow smoking in the car. If you are caught smoking, your booking will be cancelled.

Also, make sure you do not damage the car. You will have to pay for the damages and the amount can be quite large.

By avoiding these mistakes, you can have a smooth ride to the destination. Make sure you understand all the limo regulation and rules.

For more details, get in touch with JC Limousines. We offer car rentals for corporate and social events at affordable prices. Call us for more details or fill our online forms for free quotes.

Sydney Hummer Limos- factors that affect its rental cost

stretch-hummerGone are the days when hiring a Limo was just in the reach of riches. Today, Limos have become a necessity. Many people love to hire luxury cars for their travel needs. There are many events in one’s life that requires the use of a luxury vehicle. Events and occasions like weddings, proms, graduation and even corporate travels call for these vehicles.

Limo in Sydney is available in various sizes. Out of all Stretch Limos are the most popular ones. Apart from this, many people prefer hiring a Hummer Limousine for their expedition.

Hummer Limos came into being in 1990’s. Earlier the car was a popular choice for celebrities, but nowadays many Limo rental providers in Sydney offer Hummer Limos for rent. One of the biggest advantage of hiring this vehicle is that it can carry around 20 passengers in it comfortably.

People prefer hiring Hummer Limos in Sydney for group travels like sporting events, weddings, casino trips and other special occasions and events.

Factors that affect the rental cost of Hummer Limo

  • The biggest factor that affects the cost of the vehicle is the company you are renting the Limo from. In Sydney, there are many Limo providers. Each one of them cater to different types of clients and also offer different services. It is always important to consider the type of service a company offers before making a reservation.
  • Another factor is the area where the Limo is being hired. In small towns and cities the rental charges are less than in big cities like New York.
  • The features available in a Limo also affect its cost. Added features cost you  more. Amenities in a Limo include fiber optic lights, fully stocked bar, lounge style seating, dance floor, entertainment units and surround sound systems. You can also customize a Limo package as per the required features.
  • The price is also affected by whether the rental is by hourly or on a full day contract. Many Limo companies offer discounted rates and perks to clients who rent a Limo for a whole day.

When looking for Sydney Hummer Limo, make sure you ask for quotes from 3 to 4 companies. This way you will be able to choose the one offering you the best price and the right kind of amenities. Remember one thing, Hummer Limos are costlier to rent than any other luxury car. So if you want to hire one, manage your funds appropriately so that you face no hassles while making payments.

For more details on Hummer Limos in Sydney, contact us.