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Reasons why limo should be your preference over any other service

We are all well acquainted with the benefits associated with a limo service, however, still there are many people who try to evade it’s usage because for them considering this mode of transport is an additional expense. This, howbeit, is only a myth because limo service is the most cost effective and efficient mode of service you can ever get hooked up with.

There are multifarious compelling reasons behind taking into account this plush and comfort giving service for your travel needs. Take a quick look at these below mentioned points to gain deeper insight into the same:

Door to door prompt service:

We all wish to travel in a vehicle which promises us punctual pickups and drop offs. Since there are a very few modes of transport who proffer this facility, limousine should be the one you just prefer. Reason being not only it’s time management abilities but the kind of leisure it provides you all through the journey.

Hassle free travel experience:

Commuting from one place to another can turn out to be really tiresome if you are moving around in an average or maybe a musty taxi. The trouble gets multiplied when this happened with you during big scale event transfers. Since everybody wants to reach his/her venue relaxed and refreshed, considering a vehicle which ensures a hassle free and expedient journey is a must. Limousine being one of the finest vehicles across the world not only provides a smooth travel experience but also ensures that you will encounter a trouble free journey, no matter how jammed the roads are or how harsh the weather gets.

Affordable and top notch:

This subhead might sound strange to many of you because coming across a vehicle which provides an amalgamation of these both (affordability and excellence) is really tough. Howbeit, limousine is a very unique vehicle which is not only cost effective in nature but also extremely extravagant and luxurious.

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Limo service: What makes it advantageous and mandatory?

With the arrival of limousine services, the dream of commuting in a lush vehicle has come true for many. Since, these rides are cost-effective, extravagant and safe, everybody wants to hook up with this mode of transport. Howbeit, there are still a lot of people who feel that considering this vehicle is only an additional expense because there is nothing extra-ordinary about.

Go through these crucial points to understand why limo service is advantageous and also, why should you keep it on top of your priority list whenever a travel plan is made:

  • Limousine has always been a dream of many. Since, buying this lush vehicle is a difficult task due to obvious affordability issues, one can make use of it through these services. You get charged as per the vehicle type, distance and additional services that you annex in your package.
  • If you think that limousine has nothing extraordinary then you must experience this ride for at least once so that you can compare the difference between a normal journey and a limo ride. The biggest feature is that it is punctual. No matter how far you have to reach, the dexterous chauffeur will make sure that you are dropped off at the right time, in a safe, relaxed and smooth manner.
  • Affordability is never an issue with this service. There are a lot of people who think that this form of transport costs a fortune, however this is only a myth. Anybody and everybody can travel in this lush vehicle. All you have to do is choose the right ride keeping in mind your requirement, choice and budget, most importantly.

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What Makes Limousine a Novel Mode of Transport?

Limousine is an epitome of elegance and extravagance. The conventional idea was that it is a vehicle of elite, so no common man could ever fulfill the wish of riding in this sumptuous mode of transport. However, now the reality is somewhat different. The emergence of limo rental providers has made it possible for a common man to enjoy the luxuries offered by it. The splendid vehicle makes a grand entry wherever it arrives. What makes it a novel means of ground transportation? Let’s have a look.

Smooth airport transfers

Limousine can be hired for multifarious occasions and travel purposes. Among all, the most common is airport transfers. It works best in easing your transfers to and from the airport. Upon landing at the airport after a tiresome flight, a jet lag passenger always yearns for an expedient and reliable transport to take him to his destination. This is what limo ride offers.

Offers desired level of comfort

If you can’t settle for anything less than luxury, limousine works best. It offers you the desired comfort and royal treatment. If you have any guests visiting your city, you can send a limousine to pick them up. This will stress-free them of hassles and worries of reaching to their destination on time.

Added advantage of professional chauffeurs

What makes limousine a prevalent choice of transportation is a fact that it is driven by a professional chauffeur. Choosing to drive on own may add to your stress that you are already under. The professional knows the city routes like back of their hands, thus takes you to your place in a prompt manner. When you are with them, you no longer have to worry about battling the traffic. He will swiftly maneuver the car through labyrinth of roads thus causing you no delays.

Exceptional services

Chauffeurs are known for providing on-time and value based services to their clients’ especially corporate travelers. They keep a track of the updated flight information so as to eschew any kind of inconvenience. Upon arriving the event venue, you will be the cynosure of all eyes thus attracting attention of the business associates.

For Sydney based limousine services, get in touch with JC Limousine. We are a reputed limousine provider expert in offering excellent ground transportation services. Our vehicles are perfect luxury to indulge in. If you have any eve on the charts, reserve a ride with us. For your bookings, give us a call on 1800-525-466. For any queries, email us at bookings@jclimousines.com.au. We would be looking forward to hear from you soon.

Cast Everlasting Impression by Traveling in Limousine Vehicle

There are many people who dreams of riding in a limousine. However, many people are unable to realize this dream owing to its high cost. Buying it costs you a fortune, but you can hire this luxury vehicle and enjoy traveling in an ultimate class and comfort. There is no doubt in the fact that limo hire services add grandeur to your occasion. So, if any eve is on the charts consider hiring this majestic ride and pamper yourself to the brim. Let’s have a look at some of its extra-ordinary benefits.

  • Do you yearn for comfort and luxury? If yes, limousine is the perfect option for you. It comes stuffed with high end amenities and premium facilities. You can experience a perfect party club on wheels with dazzling interior and spotless look.
  • It is said that first impression is the last impression. If any of your guests is arriving your city, send a chauffeur-driven limousine to pick them from the airport. This will cast a powerful impression upon them and make them feel much honored. Traveling in a hassle-free way being driven by chauffeur will offer them immense peace after a tiresome air journey.
  • Limousine service comes extremely handy when you are on a corporate tour. During such tours what worries a passenger the most is the stress of being delayed. However with chauffeur behind the wheels, you can be assured that you will be whisked away to your destination in a prompt and safe manner.
  • There are some occasions that come once in a lifetime like weddings and prom nights. Such eves demand ultimate perfection and utmost enjoyment. As far as transportation is concerned, nothing can be more refined than limo services. It will easily accommodate your entourage with ease so that you can party and travel together in one vehicle.

To cast an everlasting impression upon the onlookers, consider hiring exquisite limo vehicles with JC Limousine. We are Australian company who pride ourselves in offering excelled ground transportation services. We even offer tailored limousine packages to best suit our clients’ needs and requirements. For more information on our packages and services offered, give us a call on 1800-525-466. In case of any queries, email us at bookings@jclimousines.com.au. We assure you pocket-friendly services.

Limo – A Perfect Getaway for an Everlasting Journey

Suppose you have to board a flight in the morning. Amidst lot of hustle and bustle, you are driving to the busy airport in the peak hours. Chances are that you might get stranded in a jam packed road and miss your flight. Nothing could be worse than this. Now imagine you had a chauffeur-driven limousine booked. With a limo at your disposal, you would have to encounter no delays. No delays mean boarding the flight on time and reaching to your destination in a stress-free manner. This is why limo service is one of the best means of ground transportation.  Hire the one and add an element of expediency and luxury in your travels.  Let’s have a look why hiring it makes perfect sense.

Offers sheer luxury

Limo Services are at par excellence. The superbly designed vehicles are sure to turn the heads away with its arrival. It comes profuse with high end features so that traveling can be completely a luxurious experience. Plush leather upholstery, fully stocked bars, entertainment units, and surround music system are a perfect treat for a passenger.

Be in the hands of professionals

You can enjoy a complete peace of mind that you are in the safe hands. The chauffeurs are trained and professional personnel well versed with the driving skills. They know the city routes like the back of their hands. No matter, where you are heading towards, you can be assured of an everlasting experience.

Great savior of time

Just imagine the time that you are going to save by traveling in a limousine. With no worries of traffic, driving, navigation, and parking; you can reach to your place completely refreshed and relaxed. While on the way, you can relax or utilize the free time by carrying out productive chores like rehearsing presentation or discussing important business deals.

A perfect ride of party goers

Limo services are of an added advantage for the party-goers. The ambience inside equipped with custom mood lightning gives a perfect party feel. You can indulge in unlimited drinking with no worries of safe arrival and departures. The commodious interior accommodates your entire group with ease.

Ever feel like making a spellbinding impression with your arrival? If yes, realize your dream by getting in touch with JC Limousine. We offer best ground transportation services in Sydney. Discuss your requirements with us and we will customize a limousine package for you. To avail our lucrative packages, give us a call on 1800-525-466. In case of any queries, email us at bookings@jclimousines.com.au. We will get back to you shortly.

A basic guide to hire a professional limo service

As a consumer or an entrepreneur, it is important that you look forward to a reliable mode of transportation. Since, limousine turns out to be a luxurious service; it has become a preferable choice of many. Many a times, hailing a musty taxi or getting hooked up with a common and simple transportation service gets frustrating. Reason being they are not prompt, clean and also not offer any high end services while you are on board like that done by a limo company. This can be a big problem when you have to reach your destination on time and have a reputation to maintain. Therefore, always consider taking into account a limo service for your lavish and expedient transfers.

Below mentioned are points which will help you in hiring a dependable and reputable limo service. Take a detailed look:

Client Testimonials:

This is a crucial step which should be performed by each one of you before finalising which limo company to consider for your travel. Client testimonials play a vital role in forming a mind set. Reading comments and reviews of the past customers who have already availed service of the same company will help you in knowing the image that company has in the market place.

Professional chauffeur:

With growing need and demand of limo service across the globe, the number of limo companies has increased. One thing that we all know is that not all companies can offer the same kind of service. Since there is a lot of competition in the market place, you have to prepare yourself well and then select a limo company which is reliable. Similar is the case of chauffeurs. You need to check their history and background before considering them for your service.

Fleet inspection:

One major point to keep in mind is that the company which has a wide range of vehicles also has a better reputation in the market place. You must always take into account these companies for availing the limo service. Fleet inspection is important so that you know that the size and shape which you want is available. Also, it gives you a guarantee that all the vehicles are in immaculate condition.

Is a limo ride on your cards this month? Get in touch with us at JC Limousines to experience a comfortable and relaxing journey with your loved ones. To make a reservation or to know more about what our services, give a call at 1800-525-466.

Follow few tips to get unexcelled limo services

Whether it is a wedding, corporate event, leisure trip or any other special event, the very first thought that pops up in the mind when it comes to transportation is luxury, comfort and safety. This is what all limousines are meant to offer. Limousines today are becoming the first choice of every individual who dreams for a perfect ride for their event.  If you are planning to rent a limo for your next event, keep few tips in mind to get the best limo services.

Check the company’s level of professionalism:

The first and most important factor to consider while renting a limo is to check the Company’s reputation, years of experience and their professionalism. The services you will be availing would greatly depend upon the professionalism of the service provider. Best way to search for a limo company is researching online. There are multiple choices for limo service providers online, just compare their fleet, services and rates. You can also have better idea regarding their quality of work by checking their customer reviews online.

Inspect the limousine:

Never go blindly without scrutinizing the limo you are choosing for your event. It is suggested to inspect the vehicle well from both inside and outside. Make sure the vehicle is well maintained and regularly serviced. The onboard features must be in working condition and vehicle should be thoroughly cleaned.

Have a background check of your dedicated chauffeur:

It is only chauffeur who is going to accompany you on your day, so it is essential to assure he is licensed, certified and have great driving skills. Apart from this cross check his background, make sure he is not involved in any criminal or accidental case and the company has his valid records and credentials.


Insurance cover is crucial for your financial safety if in case any accident, theft or other damage happens. Ask your service provider if they provide any insurance coverage. If yes, then what all aspects do it covers. These things need to be clear before hiring their services to avoid last minute surprises.

Allow JC Limousines tailor make your transportation needs for your special event. We pride to offer prompt, courteous and professional customer services to give our clients outstanding experience from start o finish. Our mission is to focus on two major aspects i.e. safety and highest level of service orientation. Book your limousine now and avail exciting packages as well as heavy discounts. To know more about our services, simply make us a call at 1800-525-466 or drop a mail at bookings@jclimousines.com.au. We are always there to help you.

Limo Services- The Ultimate Way to Travel in Style

Next time you travel to your event venue, consider traveling in style. It will make your entry and exit the talk of the eve. Still there is a belief that limousine is a vehicle of wealthy and celebrities. But the truth is that it is an affordable luxury hire. You can simply make a style statement when you are on night outs or city tour and you can even impress your business clients.

Enjoy luxuries at cost-effective rates

Limo is a luxurious way of traveling at highly cost-effective rates. The vehicle is designed keeping your comfort in mind. With adequate legroom and headroom, you will feel that you are sitting in a lounge. If you are in a large group, it would be practically impossible to fit your large group in one cab. Thus you end up booking number of cabs. With a limo, you can travel all together in one vehicle. It will be worth as the cost per head amounts to be very less.  

Driving being handled by the professionals

One of the biggest benefits is that it is driven by trained and professional chauffeur who are very well aware of all the norms and regulations. They are well versed with the city routes, thus you can be certain of reaching to your destination safely and on time.

Choose the reputed provider

While looking for the limo provider, look for the company that has a good record of customer service. Check their website and read the testimonials. Also, you need to know the experience it has while working in the industry. Find out the safety measures so that journey can be carried out in a safe manner.

Exquisite look

This posh ride has an exquisite look which will surely impress the onlookers. Traveling in the vehicle will give you a feel of glamour and elegance throughout the journey. You can even get it adorned as per the theme of your occasion. All you need is to just enjoy the warm and inviting ambience of the ride with your group mates.

For your stylish point to point transfers in Sydney, contact JC Limos. We offer tailored, prompt, and best ground transportation services to meet the specific needs of your customers. Get in touch with us and avail our exceptional customer service. Just give us a call or full our online reservation forms.  Our customer representative will get back to you shortly.

What to look for in a limo service? A few tips…..

Limo rentals are a quite popular these days for both business and personal use. Years back, these luxury rides were just confined to celebrities, politicians and business tycoons. However, the scenario has changed a lot these days. Now Limos are readily available for hire that too at affordable prices. But, choosing a reliable provider from loads of option is a tough task.

What to look for in a limo service?

Most of the companies claim cheap services to attract more new clients. Moreover, they also come up with special discounts and perks every now and then. However, you want a service that offers reliable car for hire at reasonable rates and terms that meet your requirements.

Things to consider

  • Does the company have its own website, where you can read about their services? Does the site look authentic? Is it user-friendly?
  • Number of vehicles they have in their fleet.
  • How much you have to pay to book the services? Is the booking amount refundable in case of cancelation?
  • Cancelation policy
  • Are the cars covered by insurance?
  • License and registration of the agency

List your requirements

Make a list of your requirements like:

  • Number of people that are going to travel with you in the car
  • The model you want to hire. Limo firms have loads of vehicles in their fleet. Different models have varying price range. So you can choose one as per your budget and other needs.
  • Any special requirements like red carpet service, snacks on board and professionally attired chauffeur and lots more.
  • The amenities you want in the car.
  • Number of hours you want to book the vehicle for.

Covering costs

Before you rent a vehicle, make sure that:

  • The vehicle is covered by adequate insurance
  • Who is responsible if the car breaks down on the way? Will you get another vehicle?
  • In case of an accident, are you covered by the insurance?

So if you are looking for a limo rental service, make sure you keep in mind all these things. These points will help you select the perfect limo for your occasion.

For reliable limo rental services in Sydney, get in touch with JC Limos. We offer car rentals for business use, personal travel and special occasions at affordable prices. We can custom-made a package for you, keeping in mind your requirements. Call us for more details or fill our online form for free quotes.

How to make sure you have a timely Limo Service every time?

People prefer riding in a Limousine owing to the comfort and luxury it offers. After a long and tiring flight, waiting becomes unquestionable. You want your designated car to reach the airstrip on-time so that there are no unduly delays in reaching the destination. There are many companies that offer transportation to and from the aerodrome. However, the quality of the services differs from the provider to provider.

Quality means:

  • Timely pickups
  • Well mannered chauffeurs
  • GPS tracking systems
  • Upgraded, registered and insured vehicles

How to make sure of punctual pickups?

  • Make sure you provide the agency with correct contact details.
  • Give them the correct flight number and other information.
  • Switch on the phone the moment your flight lands up at the airstrip.
  • If you have any missed calls, reply back immediately
  • Also, give them your email id so that they can contact you if you are not available by phone.
  • Keep the contract copy in your carry-in luggage. So that it is easy to access in a state of confusion. You must also know your confirmation number.
  • Save the number of the designated chauffeur
  • Also, ensure you have emergency phone numbers of the firms as well.

Choosing to ride with the professionals

Only reliable firms take care of their client’s needs. Do not get attracted to the agency that offers cheapest packages. Cheap rentals can mean shabby cars and also untrained chauffeurs.

Prior booking makes sure you:

  • Check their website for details. The more information they provide, the more credible they are likely to be.
  • Have a look at their services page. Read the areas they hold specialization in.
  • Read their testimonials.
  • Have a look at the vehicles they offer. Demand their last servicing receipt.
  • Inquire about their license status.

Booking for an airport transfer is not that tough, but with these steps, you can be sure of a smooth journey to the destination. Companies of high repute ensure timely pickups and hassle-free journey. Also, they employ trained chauffeurs. They also pay extra attention to the maintenance of their cars so that the customers do not face any issues while traveling with them.

JC Limos offer luxurious Limos to and from Sydney airport. We offer affordable packages. Call us for more details on the service or fill our online forms for reservations.