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A basic guide to hire a professional limo service

As a consumer or an entrepreneur, it is important that you look forward to a reliable mode of transportation. Since, limousine turns out to be a luxurious service; it has become a preferable choice of many. Many a times, hailing a musty taxi or getting hooked up with a common and simple transportation service gets frustrating. Reason being they are not prompt, clean and also not offer any high end services while you are on board like that done by a limo company. This can be a big problem when you have to reach your destination on time and have a reputation to maintain. Therefore, always consider taking into account a limo service for your lavish and expedient transfers.

Below mentioned are points which will help you in hiring a dependable and reputable limo service. Take a detailed look:

Client Testimonials:

This is a crucial step which should be performed by each one of you before finalising which limo company to consider for your travel. Client testimonials play a vital role in forming a mind set. Reading comments and reviews of the past customers who have already availed service of the same company will help you in knowing the image that company has in the market place.

Professional chauffeur:

With growing need and demand of limo service across the globe, the number of limo companies has increased. One thing that we all know is that not all companies can offer the same kind of service. Since there is a lot of competition in the market place, you have to prepare yourself well and then select a limo company which is reliable. Similar is the case of chauffeurs. You need to check their history and background before considering them for your service.

Fleet inspection:

One major point to keep in mind is that the company which has a wide range of vehicles also has a better reputation in the market place. You must always take into account these companies for availing the limo service. Fleet inspection is important so that you know that the size and shape which you want is available. Also, it gives you a guarantee that all the vehicles are in immaculate condition.

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Follow these tips to obtain improved limo experience

Limousine is such a vehicle which has the capability to transfer you to your designation point in the best possible manner. Since, it can be used for all purposes and by people of any age group; it has become the most preferable choice of transportation.

  • Communication plays a vital role in making your journey smooth and easy. You as a client must always be clear about your requirements. You should inform the company about your needs and additional changes in the vehicle so that you do not encounter any trouble when later on you ride it.
  • Checking references is a crucial task. This is mandatory because it helps in forming a good mindset regarding the company. For this, one can read the reviews and comments of past customers either on social apps or the company’s very own website. In case one of your friends or relatives has already availed service of this company, it will be preferable if you give attention to what they have to say about it.
  • Make sure that the company has some legal code of conduct and the chauffeurs which they send to you along with the vehicle follow them in the right order. It is even better if you are able to find a strict yet friendly chauffeur because then you will get full privacy, security and sense of protection.
  • Read well about the company to ensure that it holds a good reputation in the market place. One thing that you must keep in mind is that always avail services of that company which owns a wide range of vehicles. This is a sign of a top notch limo company.

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Important factors to consider when selecting a limo service provider

Limousines come under the category of luxury vehicles. These are the most preferred mode of transportation for special occasions and because of their top notch and plush features they are known for being the best amongst all the other services. The actual problem arises when you have to look for a reputable and trustworthy company. Since there are a pool of companies in the market place, selecting the one which will suit your needs the most becomes a perplexed task.

Below mentioned are certain tips which you can keep in mind when selecting a limo service provider:

Experience matters the most:

This is one such factor which plays a vital role when it comes to selecting a transportation company . It is believed that better the reputation, better the services. The more experience they have, the finest your journey with them will be.

Licensing and certification is important:

You must only deal with that company which has a proper license. Certificates also play an important role because there are many areas which you cannot enter without permissions. Therefore, before making a final decision, make sure that you check all the legal documents of the company for your security.

Chauffeurs need to be experienced:

One thing that we all know is that not everyone can be trusted when it comes to driving. For this purpose, you must always check if the chauffeur who is going to transfer you has good driving skills. Not only this but they must also be friendly, well mannered, fluent and protective.

Punctuality is the key:

Another crucial point to check is the timeliness. You should always go through the company’s reviews and comments left by past customers to know what kind of services they offer. The main purpose of dealing with a good service provider is to ensure that they provide prompt rides.

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Add a Touch of Class and Sophistication with Limo Hire

Have you ever dreamt of riding in a premium limousine? If yes, then why not give yourself a chance to experience fine traveling in this luxurious ride? It is a great way to put a long lasting impression upon the onlookers. There comes certain moments in life that requires perfect touch of class and sophistication. Let us know about them in detail.

Business Tours

When you have achieved a certain place in life where you command respect, you need to avail the best of everything. This is a time you also need to be choosy in your transportation. Nothing can match the luxury and royalty of limousine. If you are a big business tycoon and looking for transportation for your next business trip, never settle for anything less than a limousine.  The posh ride allows you to travel in style thus stealing away the attention of the onlookers.

City tour

None wants to be a designated driver especially when one is on leisure tour with his family or friends. Hiring a limo ride will offer you the assistance of professional chauffeur who will tour you around the city in a safe and efficient manner. He serves as an ultimate guide to take you to places of interest and cover all great places on your itinerary. With no driving and navigation hassles, you will experience perfect sightseeing.

A perfect party experience

If you are thinking to throw a stupendous party for a special person, a limousine can be the best fit. Its inviting look will make you hop inside the vehicle at its very first look. Sumptuous leather seating, mood lightning, ice chest bar, surround sound system, and entertainment units will give you a perfect party feel.  Nothing can match this luxury vehicle if you are thinking of planning something extra-ordinary.

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Limousine- Not Just a Ride of Celebrities

Limousine is a luxury transport preferred by multitude of people. Earlier it was considered vehicle of rich, elite and celebrities. But, now with the emergence of many providers, it is no longer considered an expensive vehicle. No matter what the eve, it is an elegant way to travel. Let’s have a look at some of its perks.

Different Variants

Limousine comes in various variants among which popular ones are- sedans, stretch limos, and SUV’s. If you are in a small group heading towards a business meeting or any other tour, Sedan is a perfect fit. It can easily accommodate 3-5 people. However, if you are in large groups, you can choose Stretch Limo. It comes fitted with range of amenities for your luxurious travel. Its seating capacity varies from 6-25 seats. If in search of much bigger vehicle, super stretch limo makes the best choice.

Varied occasions

Limo services are available to cater to your varied needs. You can hire it for the occasions like weddings, prom nights, corporate tours, airport transfers, sightseeing tours, and many more. With a limo ride, make your event presence more effective and be the cynosure of all eyes. When you pay for luxury and class, you deserve nothing but the best.

Affordable services

Professional providers offer affordable limo rentals. Before selecting the one, it is wise enough to do thorough research and after a quality comparison, choose the best. The services and rates differ from company to company. You can provide them your itinerary, rest you can leave flawless execution unto them.


What makes this exclusive ride a favorite choice of high class people is its royal ambience. It comes loaded with high end amenities for your wonderful tour. It includes plush leather upholstery, ice chest bar, LCD screen, sound system, entertainment units, adequate luggage space, and lot of exclusive features.

If any eve is on the charts, consider hiring this reliable and competitive ride for your transportation needs.

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Limo Hire- The Best Pick for an Exclusive Ride

Whether it is a wedding, airport travel, business meeting, or any other eve, limo ride is the most affordable transport to add a touch of exclusiveness to it. The reputed provider of luxury limo services goes out of their way to offer you exemplary service. Some of the quality services include-

  • Timely pick ups and drop offs
  • Well-mannered and well-attired chauffeurs
  • Meticulously maintained fleet of cars
  • Advanced tracking system

How to ensure the best pick?

To ensure that you hire the services of the best provider, you need to follow some of the essential tips. Let’s have a look at them.

  • Engage in a thorough research both online as well as offline so that you are able to pick the best.
  • Check the website of the chosen provider. Try to gather maximum information so as to assure its reliability.
  • Get to know what kind of services it provides. Does it specialize in the services that you require?
  • Check its fleet of vehicle. Are they insured and spotless? Does it depict your style and stature?

Professional chauffeur

What makes limo a best pick for your upcoming tour is the professional chauffeur being offered. He is the main force behind the wheels. Besides being transporting you to your destination, he ensures that all your needs are met. With no worries of driving and parking, you can relax or carry out important business discussions.  

Touch of grace and elegance

Some occasions like weddings, anniversaries, etc require a touch of elegance and grace. Limousine is an ideal ride for these eves. Traveling in luxurious chauffeur driven ride will make your entry the talk of the eve. The interior comes equipped with high end amenities to provide you the required comfort. You will be offered a royal red carpet treatment to make you feel out of the world.

To experience exclusive limo ride in Sydney, get in touch with JC Limos. We enjoy enviable reputation for offering quality ground transportation services in sydney. Our chauffeurs have the flexibility, professionalism, and ensure that a respectful space is extended to the passengers. Whatever your requirement, just give us a call. We are available round the clock for your assistance.

Follow few tips to get unexcelled limo services

Whether it is a wedding, corporate event, leisure trip or any other special event, the very first thought that pops up in the mind when it comes to transportation is luxury, comfort and safety. This is what all limousines are meant to offer. Limousines today are becoming the first choice of every individual who dreams for a perfect ride for their event.  If you are planning to rent a limo for your next event, keep few tips in mind to get the best limo services.

Check the company’s level of professionalism:

The first and most important factor to consider while renting a limo is to check the Company’s reputation, years of experience and their professionalism. The services you will be availing would greatly depend upon the professionalism of the service provider. Best way to search for a limo company is researching online. There are multiple choices for limo service providers online, just compare their fleet, services and rates. You can also have better idea regarding their quality of work by checking their customer reviews online.

Inspect the limousine:

Never go blindly without scrutinizing the limo you are choosing for your event. It is suggested to inspect the vehicle well from both inside and outside. Make sure the vehicle is well maintained and regularly serviced. The onboard features must be in working condition and vehicle should be thoroughly cleaned.

Have a background check of your dedicated chauffeur:

It is only chauffeur who is going to accompany you on your day, so it is essential to assure he is licensed, certified and have great driving skills. Apart from this cross check his background, make sure he is not involved in any criminal or accidental case and the company has his valid records and credentials.


Insurance cover is crucial for your financial safety if in case any accident, theft or other damage happens. Ask your service provider if they provide any insurance coverage. If yes, then what all aspects do it covers. These things need to be clear before hiring their services to avoid last minute surprises.

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Know about different factors that influence limo hire rates

There are several reasons why you should consider hiring a limousine for your specific event. If you are stepping back probably thinking you can’t afford it, you are greatly mistaken. Renting a limousine today totally falls under anyone’s budget this is because there are numerous limo companies available in market delivering same services at competitive rates. It is really easy to book a rental limo for your purpose in a most cost effective way; all just you need to pay attention to is various factors that influence the limo rental rates.

Understanding them deeply will help you choose the best limousine and services that fits your pocket. When hiring a limo, you are offered wide array of fleet and services and you are charged on behalf of different services you opt in your package.

  • Fleet:

The foremost factor that greatly affects limo hire rates is the kind of fleet you are choosing. Each fleet of limousine comes with different sizes. It is suggested to count down your numbers prior finalizing any fleet and rent that can accommodate your guests. There is no use of hiring a limousine that is too large for your seating needs as that will in turn cost you extra.

  • Services :

Limo service providers offer large extent of limo services including pickups, drop-offs, airport transfers, additional décor, refreshments and lot more. Your cost will also be dependent on the types of services your are choosing. Make sure to include only those services that you actually need.

  • Hours of operation:

Most of limo companies rent their limousines on hourly basis. If the limousine usage limit exceeds the hours defined of the agreement, they will automatically overcharge as per the exceeded hours.

  • Distant traveled:

Going to long distant locations involves more fuel expenditure and limo usage. Thus limo hire rates are set according to the amount of kilometers or distant travelled.

  • Day or season:

The day or time of week at which you are hiring a limo also affects the price. You can expect high rates during peak seasons, festive days or weekends. If you have tight budget, then it is recommended to rent limousine on normal weekdays or non-peak days.

  • Add-on features:

Few people request to arrange add on features to their limo which are not prior fixed to the vehicle like Onboard WIFI, Intercom system, beverage bar, Bluetooth connectivity, center tables and many more. Addition to such add-on features to the vehicle will definitely increase the limo rental bill.

Keeping all the above factors in mind will greatly help you to define what all services and amenities you should avail so that you don’t have to compromise with your hard earned money.  Are you dreaming of top notch limo services for your special day but in a cost effective way? Welcome to JC limousines. We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver professional, discreet, reliable and friendly limo services to cater all requirements. We provide custom services to our customers by allowing them to customize their package as per their needs and taste and budget. Hire one of the iconic limousines among our fleet and avail hot discounts and exciting offers. For further information on our rental rates, email or ring us a call. It will be a pleasure serving you.

Relish the Comforts of an Opulent Limo Ride at Moderate Rates

In the recent times, a surge has been seen in the hiring of limo vehicles for every type of occasion, be it a ceremonial eve or for professional purposes. Arriving at your event venue in such a posh ride will surely steal the attention of the onlookers. Those envious gazes of the appreciators will make you feel on top of the world. The spotless exterior look and the posh interior bespeak luxury and royalty that no other vehicle can offer. With the emergence of so many providers, the services are available at cost-effective rates. Now, you can relish the luxuries without burning a hole in your pocket.

Elegance and style 

No matter at what type of event you are heading towards, you can arrive in style and class. This mode of transportation will earn you respect and recognition. This will let you put good impression upon your business clients.

A lot roomier

If you are thinking to hire the vehicle for your large group travels, then it is perfect choice.  This spacious vehicle provides enough room to travel with immense comfort.  The commodious interior let you relax and enjoy with your mates. Some stretched models even allow you to dance on the floor. It is popular choice for weddings, birthday eve, night out, bachelor party, and a lot more occasions.

Magnificently splendid 

The beautifully adorned car gives you a feeling of celebrity.  The high end amenities equipped inside has given rise to the popularity of this posh vehicle. The warm and inviting interior let you proceed with your journey with a joyous heart. Let’s have a look at some magnificent features that make it a unique vehicle.

  • Plush leather upholstery
  • Colorful illumination with disco ceiling lighting, fiber optic lighting
  • Entertainment units like plasma screen, DVD player
  • Surround sound system
  • Ice chests bar

Punctual arrivals

With transportation being handled by the professional chauffeur, you can enjoy the company of your near and dear ones.  You just have to sit back and make memories with your loved ones. If you are on a corporate tour, you don’t have to worry about taking care of the directions. The chauffeur will take you to your event venue on time. You can rest be assured that while you are in the hands of professionals, you don’t have to suffer the humiliation on being unpunctual.

We, at JC Limos offer top notch fleet of vehicles for your professional tours as well as for soirees. Traveling in such a ride will earn you a good deal of admiration. Apart from all the glitz and glamour associated with the vehicle, its cost-effective nature has led to its rising demand. Get in touch with us and avail tailored and best in class ground transport solutions to meet your specific needs

Add Glamour to Your Event with Sydney Limo Hire

There are certain occasions in life which we want to enjoy to the fullest. We want to make them vibrant and memorable. Hiring limos for your transportation needs make perfect sense. This luxurious ride is always been associated with glamour and style. Earlier, it was confined only till wealthy section of the society. But now, the scenario is changed. With the increase in limo providers in Sydney, limo can be hired by anyone to turn their ordinary event into an extraordinary one.

Events to hire for

Hiring Sydney Limo has become a craze these days. People prefer the vehicle for number of occasions such as weddings, birthday parties, prom nights, anniversary event, corporate events, romantic escapes, and many other leisure events. If any sports event is on the cards and you thinking of attending it, then let the professional chauffeur handle the driving and you can reach to your event venue on time.

Spice up your events

You might have enjoyed your past events to the fullest, but the way limo can spice up your occasions, no other vehicle can do. It comes equipped with high tech facilities including plush leather upholstery, LCD screen, DVD player, ice chests bars, I-pod docks, surround sound system, mirrored ceiling, and a lot more. You can commence your celebrations on wheels with your mates around you.

Travel with your whole group

The vehicles come in varied sizes to accommodate your any group size. If you are in a large group, then Stretch Hummer, Stretch Chrysler, Luxury Coaches would be spacious enough to accommodate large number of passengers. However, if the number of people traveling with you is small in size, you can choose mini vans, sedans, and Town Cars. No matter you are traveling for which event, you don’t need to split your group in different vehicles. You all can travel together.


If you are looking to hire the luxury limo ride in Sydney, make sure to book it well in advance. For some occasions, you need to make the booking few months prior, while for some occasions, it can be made a week before. When you book early, you may get the vehicle of your own choice and even special discounts. Before the commencement of the journey, the designated chauffeurs are provided with the travel itinerary so that they can schedule their timings as per your convenience to make sure nothing delays your pick up or drop offs.

To save yourself from the last minutes hassles, consider hiring limo with JC limousine in Sydney. We put extra care arranging transportation for any of your event. We even specialize in offering customized packages as per your needs and requirements. Call us for your bookings.