Consider Hiring Stretch Limousine for Your Big Group Travels

When making travel arrangements for any of your occasion, always consider the limousine services. No matter you are traveling in small or large groups, there are varied fleet of limo vehicles available to cater to your diverse needs. No matter you are traveling for weddings, bachelor party, or any other party occasion with your entire group; stretch limo is the perfect choice. It is an ultimate way to make group transfers. Let’s have a look at some of its perks.

Perfect for party eves

A stretch limousine offers you everything you need to make luxurious travels. The interior comes equipped with plush leather seats to offer you immense comfort. The mini bars holds ice, soft drink, and champagne. You can listen to your favorite tunes of music on high quality sound system.  The blackened glass partition between the passengers’s seating area and chauffeur’s cabin, allows you to indulge in complete fun.

 Corporate purpose

Many people consider stretch limos for their business tour. Traveling in a posh limo ride is a great way to impress your business clients. If your high end business delegates are arriving the city for signing a deal, you need to treat them with luxury. Arrange a chauffeur-driven limousine that would pick them up from the airport and takes to their destination in style. This would save them from the hassle of navigating in an unknown city.

Spells style and sophistication

The very first glance of stretch limousine can steal away your attention and makes you hop inside it. It gives broad and fascinating look. The capacious interior gives you a royal feel. The warm and inviting look will give you a celebrity feel throughout the ride.

 Feel the convenience of being driven by chauffeur

The experience of being driven by the professional chauffeur is simply unique. Being in a group, you just have to concentrate on spending quality time and making memories with them. You can indulge in unlimited drinking, ultimate fun and endless gossips. Parking, traffic, and driving will no longer pose stress for you.

For stretch limousine hire in Sydney, get in touch with JC Limousine. Our vehicles come well maintained and spotless both inside as well as outside. Just plan your itinerary, gather your group of friends, and rest leave the flawless execution unto us. No matter you are on leisure or corporate tours, we would facilitate your quality transportation. For your bookings, you can call us at 1800-525-466. You can even email us your queries at .


Experience prompt delegation transfers with chauffeured limo service

When it comes to delegation transfers, you want to shape perfect arrangements from the moment of their arrival to the minute when they depart. For this purpose, an entrepreneur will look for a service which offers hospitality, comfort and leisure. Limo rental being top-notch and most convenient of all provides a combination of class and sophistication for your paramount delegation transfers.

Enlighten yourself with below given points to know how limo rental is best for transferring your delegates:


Limousine service is synchronized to be the most punctual and comfortable among all the other transportation services. The major advantage it lends is its promptness. For all our business related transfers, we seek on time and convenient rides which are only gained by renting limos. Since it offers unmatched levels of trust and lavish facilities, a second thought should never occur when planning to rent it for your supreme delegation transfers.


The key reason behind planning lavish rides for our delegates is the impression we want to create on them. Since it is believed that the first impression is the last impression, we try to arrange the finest from the moment they turn up. Renting a limo for their ride is the best we can plan because this vehicle has the potential to leave the passenger spellbound and amazed at its very first sight.

High end amenities:

What is the best thing you can do for your delegates?  Yes, serve them with the best possible facilities. Limousine is known for its top-quality and first class services. Its astonishing exterior and plush interior offer the most expedient and extravagant transfers, one can ever experience. Therefore, renting it for your delegates will result into the best you can organize.

Professional chauffeurs:

Renting a chauffeured limo service means becoming stress free and relaxed. The well trained and expert drivers know how to take the best care of your people. The leisurely services they provide are just another level. They will always open the door for your delegates whenever an entry or exit is made. Since, chauffeurs know all the routes and directions like the backs of their hands, your guests will never suffer from any traffic relates issues.

Looking for a perfect limo service for your ultimate delegate transfers? Book a ride with us at JC Limousines. We ensure punctual and tranquil limo rides for all your smooth transfers. Should you ever find yourself in stress of providing the best to your guests, just give us a call and we will be ready to help you. For more details give us a call at 1800-525-466

Add a Touch of Class and Sophistication with Limo Hire

Have you ever dreamt of riding in a premium limousine? If yes, then why not give yourself a chance to experience fine traveling in this luxurious ride? It is a great way to put a long lasting impression upon the onlookers. There comes certain moments in life that requires perfect touch of class and sophistication. Let us know about them in detail.

Business Tours

When you have achieved a certain place in life where you command respect, you need to avail the best of everything. This is a time you also need to be choosy in your transportation. Nothing can match the luxury and royalty of limousine. If you are a big business tycoon and looking for transportation for your next business trip, never settle for anything less than a limousine.  The posh ride allows you to travel in style thus stealing away the attention of the onlookers.

City tour

None wants to be a designated driver especially when one is on leisure tour with his family or friends. Hiring a limo ride will offer you the assistance of professional chauffeur who will tour you around the city in a safe and efficient manner. He serves as an ultimate guide to take you to places of interest and cover all great places on your itinerary. With no driving and navigation hassles, you will experience perfect sightseeing.

A perfect party experience

If you are thinking to throw a stupendous party for a special person, a limousine can be the best fit. Its inviting look will make you hop inside the vehicle at its very first look. Sumptuous leather seating, mood lightning, ice chest bar, surround sound system, and entertainment units will give you a perfect party feel.  Nothing can match this luxury vehicle if you are thinking of planning something extra-ordinary.

For a unique and enjoyable experience, get in touch with JC Limousine. Our spotless vehicles will make your travel flawless. We cater to every type of your needs whether it is corporate or leisure. We even offer customized vehicles. For your bookings, you can call us at 1800-525-466 or send us queries online. You can even fill our online reservation forms for free quotes.

Benefits of limo hire for corporate transfers

A prompt and dedicated limo service ensures that you do not have to worry about reaching the venue on time. Perhaps, you can sit back and enjoy your luxurious ride. Limo rental offers punctuality, safety and leisure by providing courteous chauffeurs to serve you in the best possible manner.

You need top notch arrangements to make your journey extremely convenient and comfortable. Therefore, hiring a limo will give you all the benefits necessary for your corporate transfer. See how:


Limousine provides high class services to its customers. It is best known for punctuality. The door to door service it offers guarantees on time pick up and drop off facility in a prestige car of your choice. Therefore, renting a limo means reaching your destination on time, however far it may be.


A ride which arrests eye movement of all the people passing by is what you want in life, especially for a business trip. Choosing a limousine ride for this purpose is the best. It helps in portraying your image perfectly. The chauffeur opens the door every time you make an entry or exit. This adds an extra touch of extravagance to the ride.


You usually carry a lot of confidential stuff on your corporate trips. For this reason you look for a vehicle which guarantees you complete safety and security. Hiring a limousine for this purpose is the best. With trained and professional chauffeurs, you do not have to worry about your luggage or the other belongings. Your properties remain safe and in good condition even if you move out of the vehicle for a while.


Renting a limo for business transfers has become a trend these days. Since this trip demands space, limo suits it in the best way. The Vehicle is divided into two compartments one for the chauffeur and the other for the passengers. You could be alone or in a group, complete privacy will be offered to you in case you want to make a conversation, send mails or take any calls. This is the most appreciated part of this service.

Our corporate transfers make business travel easy and comfortable. If you travel frequently, then we at JC Limousines can arrange a luxurious business ride for you. When you book your vehicle with us, you can totally forget about the traffic jams, parking issues or lost properties. For queries give us a call at 1800-525-466

Let Your Clients Explore Sydney in Style with Limousine Hire

Are your business clients flying into the town? If yes, then why not hire a limousine and get them around Sydney in style. Sydney is an exquisite city with plethora of breathtaking views. It encompasses hot beaches, amazing art work, museums, and many shopping districts. After the completion of your work, you can take them out and show them famous and attractive places.

Limo hire offers you ultimate convenience

Sydney is a busy city. If you are a newbie in the city, you may find difficulty navigating through jam packed roads. The best solution to this problem is to hire limousine service. It will pick you and your guests from your designated places and takes you to your destination in timely manner. With nothing to worry about traffic, parking, and navigation, your clients will surely experience a great sense of comfort.

Different models to choose from

You can impress your client by choosing a vehicle as per his needs and taste. If the number of people visiting your city is more, you can choose stretch limousine. For bigger groups, you can even give a thought of hiring stretch hummer.  It is a perfect way to have luxurious celebrations on wheels.

Exclusive interiors

One of the biggest benefits of limo hire is its posh interior. The amenities inside make your travel a pleasurable experience. With ice chest bar equipped inside, you can raise a toast. When it comes to enjoyment, you can indulge yourself in same. It comes equipped with entertainment units that allow you to watch your favorite movie, listen to favorite tunes of music, and talk endlessly with your clients.

Explore the worth seeing places

Chauffeur behind the wheels serve as a perfect tour guide. He will take you to the best places. With his great customer service, your clients will surely feel like coming back again.

Here are some of the worth seeing places of Sydney that you must not miss to see-

  • Bondi Beach
  • Sydney Harbour
  • Sydney Skywalk at Sydney Tower Eye
  • Sydney Opera House
  • Sydney Observatory

To earn good points for your business, it is essential to strengthen both formal as well as informal relationship with your clients.

If your clients are shortly visiting Sydney, get in touch with JC Limousine. We will tour your clients around Sydney in the safest, comfortable, and luxurious manner. Nothing can surpass our exceptional services. Just call us on 1800-525-466 for your bookings. You can even email us your queries.

Stretch Hummer- A Perfect Blend of Opulence and Comfort

Are you thinking of perfect party celebration with your friends? Is yes, one idea is to hire an exclusive stretch hummer and commence your celebrations on wheels. It is the most economical option to travel with your entire group in one ride. What makes it an iconic mode of transportation? Let’s have a look.

Luxury at affordable prices

It offers you the most luxury transportation solution. The vehicle comes equipped with high end amenities such as plush leather upholstery, entertainment units like DVD player, plasma screen, and sound system. Mirrored ceiling lightning and disco ceiling lights gives a perfect party ambience. Party occasion is often fueled with an alcohol, so the vehicle comes stuffed with ice chest bar that lets you indulge in unlimited drinking.

Comfort on the move

The large seating capacity makes the long distance travel highly comfortable. With a stretch limo rental, you will have one thing less to worry about. You don’t have to be a designated driver. The driving will be the responsibility of chauffeur. All you just need is to engage yourself in unlimited fun and frolic with your group.

Arrive in style and make the heads turn

Arriving to your party venue in such an opulent vehicle will make the heads turn. Nothing can stop you from being the cynosure of others eyes. Its spotless look will make you hop inside at the very first look. Riding amidst such a luxury will let you feel that the journey is over too soon.

Safe mode of transportation

Safety is a primary concern that must not be overlooked. Besides being luxurious and economical, the vehicle is equally safe for your travel requirements. The state of art facilities equipped inside ensures the timely arrival and departure of the cars. It also has onboard GPS technology that will allow the easy navigation even through jam packed roads.

To experience a perfect blend of luxury and comfort, consider hiring Stretch Hummer with JC Limousine. We offer tailored and best in class ground transportation solution for every type of your need. Give us a call on 1800-525-466 and book your desired ride. For any queries, you can even email us at . We are always ready to serve our best.

Make a golden tour to Gold Coast renting an iconic limo

Gold coast is a metropolitan region to the south of Brisbane on Australia’s east coast. The attractions of gold coast offer spectrum of exciting entertainment to people for all ages and stages. This is the reason it is known to be one of the most popular tourist destination across the world. Gold coast offers its visitors uncountable activities and allows them to unearth Gold Coast from different angles. The star attractions of Gold Coast includes beaches, laid back neighborhoods, world’s biggest theme parks, booming culinary scenes, shopping centers and much more.

Planning a trip to Gold Coast simply means creating a wonderful book of remarkable memories. If you have made your mind to tour Gold Coast this vacation, don’t miss to book a limousine. Riding in a limousine to this beautiful city would multiply the overall fun experience. Here are few tips to hire limo services wisely to make your entire Gold Coast trip a memorable one.

Choose the right limo:

The primary step when renting a limo for your Gold Coast trip is to pen down each detail what you think would be best for your trip. Determine your needs, countdown number of passengers you will be carrying along. Choose the limo that would be capable of accommodating your guests and ensure it is equipped with all those features and amenities necessary to fulfill your tour transportation needs.

Know about your chauffeur:

Chauffeur is the main hero behind the wheels. You and your loved ones should be in safe and trustworthy hands. So it is better to check background of your dedicated chauffeur. Make sure he is not involved in any kind of accidental or criminal case and ensure they possess excellent driving skills plus have great knowledge of the geographical area.

Ask them to provide pre-scheduled trip:

Most of limo companies provide well-organized and pre-scheduled trip packages which includes most popular and worth-seeing sites of the city. Ask your limo service provider to provide personalized attention, special pre-scheduled packages as well as guided tours from start to finish.

If you are looking for a wonderful and everlasting tour to your Gold Coast Itinerary, rent an iconic limo from JC Limousines. We are trusted, reputed and licensed limo company providing reliable limo service to our clients. Our team of professionals works hard to provide out of the box travel experience offering a planned and well-organized trip to our clients. Immerse yourself in the luxury you deserve with our exceptional services. Request us a free quote filling our form online or call us at 1800-525-466 in case of any queries. We are looking forward to hear from you soon.

Limousine- A Top Notch Transportation for Multitude of Occasions

Transportation has a vital role to play no matter what your travel requirements are. There comes special occasions in life that needs extra-ordinary touch to make them more special. Wouldn’t it be nice to ride in a top-notch transportation like limousine? It is an impressive vehicle that can be used for plethora of occasions. Let’s have a look.

Party occasions

Limousine is an epitome of class, style, and luxury. It is considered as the most exclusive vehicle that comes equipped with most innovative traits. Being packed with multitude of amenities, it is considered a perfect ride for party occasions. It comes packed with entertainment units like plasma screen, DVD player, and sound system. You can carry out your celebrations in an impeccable manner with the availability of disco ceiling lights, ice chest bar, snacks, and ambient lightning.  It is a complete party club on wheels.

Corporate travels

The ride is considered most ideal option for corporate tours. Being equipped with premium facilities like Wi-Fi, projector screen, privacy partition, laptop tables, tinted windows, and other state-of-art-features; the vehicle is considered as a perfect boardroom on wheels. With an elegant and royal look; you can impress your business clients and depict your stature.

Commute to and from airport

When you arrive in an unknown city, navigation through a busy airport can be quite stressful experience. When you pre-book a limo ride, you don’t have to stand in long queues and wait for the taxi or cab to come. Instead professional chauffeur would be waiting in the baggage carousel area to escort you till the vehicle in style.

City tour

Professional limo company offers wide range of vehicles for your diverse needs. SUV limos, Stretch Limos, Party Buses, Cadillac Escalade, Hummers, etc are some popular models. Whether you are on a city tour with your friends or family, you can select your desired model depending upon your group size and budget requirements.

We, at JC Limousine pride ourselves in offering ground transportation services for your multi-purposes in Sydney. Call us at 1800-525-466 and book your favorite ride for any of your event. Our trained staff of chauffeurs will provide you highest level of services. For any queries, you can email us at We would be looking forward to hear from you soon.

Limo rental scams – everyone should be aware of

A limousine add sparkle to any kind of event be it be a wedding, prom, night out, leisure trip or a corporate travel and makes the whole travel experience exciting and classy. These ground transports provides one-stop solution for all kinds of transportation needs and this is the reason it has become preferred choice when it comes to hire a transport from every small to big event. When the choice of transport is a Limo, there is nothing to worry about in terms of safety. Not only the safety parameter, limos are marvelous ground transports that covers necessary transportation aspects including luxury, comfort and reliability.

Today, the market is flushed with large number of limo companies each guarantying unrivalled limo services but trusting the particular limo company blindly is the foolish attempt made by most of people. It has been reported many limo scams in the recent years; therefore, it is suggested to be active while renting a limo and beware of common limo rental scams to shield oneself from being victimized by fraud limo companies.

Not the vehicle expected:

This is one of the most common complaints that often people report. The type, model, color and features greatly influence the limo pricing structure and fraud limo companies charge high price on the selected limo and it turn presents another limo on the event day that is cheap and demand less expense. The only motive behind this is to charge earn huge margin behind the low priced limo. To prevent this fraud, it is suggested to pen down the vehicle ID number and model and take few pictures of the limo while making bookings.

Overhead internet charges:

WIFI facility to limo is always embedded. However, it depends upon the type of limo model you are choosing. Most of people are unknown about the fact that internet access charges are always included in the package. Fraudulent limo service providers charge an overhead cost for the internet access. Therefore, it must be understood that there is no need to pay those extras for WIFI connectivity.

Hidden charges:

Fraud limo companies charges their clients an additional expense including fuel charges, toll tax fairs, registration fee, chauffeurs tip, insurance cover expense and lot more. Therefore, it is suggested that before you rent a limousine don’t forget to understand your limo pricing structure. Know what all services you will be charged for and what all expense does your package include. This will give you a clear estimate on what you will be paying for your limo hire.

If you are looking for a stress-free and trustworthy limo service, get connected to JC Limousines. We are most renowned limo service providers in Sydney, serving unmatched limo services at affordable rates. Book your personal limousine now and get access to exciting packages, great deals and heavy discounts. To avail better estimates on the pricing structure, fill our quote form online. For further information, call us at 1800-525-466. We are always ready to serve our best.

Sydney Limousine Hire for a Perfect Night out in the Town

Sydney is an exquisite city with plethora of sights to explore. It has a great night life enriched with pubs, discos, and exotic restaurants. After a long and tiring week, planning a night out with your friends is a good choice. Whether you want to dance, listen to the beats of the music, or spend memorable moments with your friends; just gather all your mates in a limousine and ride together in one vehicle. You no longer have to confront the hassle of driving and take care of the directions. Limo makes a perfect sense when you take into account safety and logistics.

Professionals behind the wheels

By pre-booking a limo ride, you don’t have to worry about reaching to your destination. Just sit back and let the professionals worry about that.  Navigating through jam packed roads will no longer both you. The chauffeur knows the city routes very well and takes you from the shortest route possible. Another benefit being offered is that parking will not be an issue.

Royal and sophisticated look

Riding in a limousine makes you centre of attraction and cynosure of others eyes. It’s no longer confined to celebrities and elite class. With the emergence of number of providers, the services are much in demand. Traveling in such a posh ride designed in an elegant way is sure to turn the heads away.

Varied models to choose from

Limousine comes in different models to cater your varied needs. Always choose a provider offering up-to-date fleet of vehicles. You can select from diverse variety including-

  • Town car
  • Cadillac Escalade
  • Stretch Hummer
  • Stretch Chrysler

All comes equipped with premium amenities so that you carry out ultimate celebrations on wheels.

To enjoy nightlife to the fullest, Sydney has plenty of nightclubs that are worth your money as well as time. Next time you plan your night out; don’t miss to add following nightclubs in your itinerary.

  • Soho Bar and Lounge
  • IVY Bar
  • The Argyle
  • Candy’s Apartment
  • Marble Bar

After knowing the perks of limousine service, what you are waiting for? Hire a limousine for your next night out and make the evening the memorable one.

Get in touch with JC Limousine for booking your favorite ride. We offer tailored and best ground transportation services to meet the specific needs of your customers. Just give us a call at 1800-525-466. We are always there to handle your queries.