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Checklist for Chauffeurs Driving Hired Limos

Limo services have become extremely popular. Limo services basically entail hiring luxury limos from service providers to travel from one place to another. Limo services can also be hired to travel for various occasions and events. Limo services are offered by service providers who maintain luxury limos to cater to the travel needs of a large number of clients. Limo service providers also make sure that they understand the travel needs of their clients and customise the limo rides as per the requirements of the clients.

Hired limos are usually driven by chauffeurs who are hired by limo service providers. Limo service providers always make sure that they hire the best chauffeurs so that the clients do not complaint about the ride or the behaviour of the chauffeurs.

When hiring limo services, one must always check on the chauffeurs driving the limos.

  • It is essential to check the experience of the chauffeurs who drive the limos. The chauffeurs who are experienced not only handle the limos in the best manner but also make sure that the ride is a smooth one. Experienced chauffeurs are also aware of the best routes that can help one reach in time. One must always make sure that one travels with an experienced chauffeur in hired limos for a safe journey.
  • One must also check the licenses and permits that the chauffeurs possess. It is necessary for the chauffeurs to possess valid and certified licences and permits to drive the luxury limos. One must make sure that the chauffeurs are permitted to travel across states when one is traveling over long distances. This assures one that no legal problems would be faced during the travel.
  • It is necessary to make sure that the chauffeur is a trained one. One must make sure that the chauffeur who would be driving the limo has obtained enough training to handle limos in the most efficient manner. It is also essential to make sure that the chauffeur has passed all driving tests to drive the limos.
  • The chauffeurs who drive the limos must be professional and courteous. The chauffeurs must always be dressed in uniforms and must be polite with the clients. The chauffeurs must also offer help to the clients as and when needed during the ride. The chauffeur is the one who is responsible for a safe and smooth ride of the clients and therefore must be a thorough professional.

JC Limousines is well-known for offering reliable Wollongong limousine service. We are a reliable and reputed limo service provider who understands the needs of the clients. We always make sure that our clients have a safe and comfortable ride with us. Our chauffeurs are experienced to make the limo ride a memorable experience for the clients.

The Essentials of a Good Limousines Service Provider

Taking a limousine ride has become very easy and affordable these days- thanks to the several limo service providers. A number of limo service companies offer their services to a number of people who wish to travel in the comfort and luxury of a limousine. These limo service providers make sure that offer competitive and affordable services to the clients so that the clients do not have to think twice before booking a ride with the company.

While booking a ride with a limo service provider can be fairly easy, it is not as easy to find a good limo service provider. Since there are many limo service providers providing limos on hire, choosing the right one can be daunting task. To pick the right and the best limo service provider, one must consider several factors.

The following are the essentials of a good limo service provider:

  • State compliance: Every limousine service provider needs to comply with the rules and regulations of the state where the limo services operate. In addition to possessing a valid license to offer services within the state, a limo service provider also needs to have a valid permit to provide services across the states. State compliance ensures that when travelling, the limos are not stopped by the authorities for any reason.
  • Insurance proof: There are many limo service providers who have insurance policies that cover only their vehicles and not the passengers travelling in them. This is however ethically not accepted. Good limo service companies always have liability insurance policies that cover the passengers as well as their belongings. This simply means that the limo service providers offer to pay something in case a passenger gets injured or any belongings get lost and damaged.
  • Experienced and skilled drivers: A good limo service provider will always hire experienced and trained drivers who drive their vehicles. These chauffeurs will always possess valid driving licenses and would be well-trained to handle any problematic situations that may arise during the ride.
  • Written agreement: A written agreement is an essential element of a good limo service provider. A written agreement assures the passengers that they are being offered reliable and dependable services. The written agreement must include elements like the cost of the ride, the details of the passengers, the insurance policy agreed upon and other details like the time of the travel, the destination, the type of vehicle etc.
  • Fleet of vehicles: A good limo service provider will always have a good fleet of vehicles maintained in very good condition. This allows the passengers to choose from a variety of vehicles in which to travel.

JC Limousines is a reputed limo service provider in Sydney. We offer the best fleet driven by experienced chauffeurs to ensure the passengers a safe and comfortable ride.

Let Your Clients Explore Sydney in Style with Limousine Hire

Are your business clients flying into the town? If yes, then why not hire a limousine and get them around Sydney in style. Sydney is an exquisite city with plethora of breathtaking views. It encompasses hot beaches, amazing art work, museums, and many shopping districts. After the completion of your work, you can take them out and show them famous and attractive places.

Limo hire offers you ultimate convenience

Sydney is a busy city. If you are a newbie in the city, you may find difficulty navigating through jam packed roads. The best solution to this problem is to hire limousine service. It will pick you and your guests from your designated places and takes you to your destination in timely manner. With nothing to worry about traffic, parking, and navigation, your clients will surely experience a great sense of comfort.

Different models to choose from

You can impress your client by choosing a vehicle as per his needs and taste. If the number of people visiting your city is more, you can choose stretch limousine. For bigger groups, you can even give a thought of hiring stretch hummer.  It is a perfect way to have luxurious celebrations on wheels.

Exclusive interiors

One of the biggest benefits of limo hire is its posh interior. The amenities inside make your travel a pleasurable experience. With ice chest bar equipped inside, you can raise a toast. When it comes to enjoyment, you can indulge yourself in same. It comes equipped with entertainment units that allow you to watch your favorite movie, listen to favorite tunes of music, and talk endlessly with your clients.

Explore the worth seeing places

Chauffeur behind the wheels serve as a perfect tour guide. He will take you to the best places. With his great customer service, your clients will surely feel like coming back again.

Here are some of the worth seeing places of Sydney that you must not miss to see-

  • Bondi Beach
  • Sydney Harbour
  • Sydney Skywalk at Sydney Tower Eye
  • Sydney Opera House
  • Sydney Observatory

To earn good points for your business, it is essential to strengthen both formal as well as informal relationship with your clients.

If your clients are shortly visiting Sydney, get in touch with JC Limousine. We will tour your clients around Sydney in the safest, comfortable, and luxurious manner. Nothing can surpass our exceptional services. Just call us on 1800-525-466 for your bookings. You can even email us your queries.

Choosing the Best Sydney Limos for Airport Transfers

Limos are a statement of style and wealth. They are considered most luxurious vehicle for your ground transportation needs. In the early times, the vehicle was only hired by the high class people, elites, government personnel, celebrities, and other rich section of the society. But now, it can be afforded by large group of vehicle. If looking to hire a ride for your airport transportation, what’s better than limo service?

How to hire limo transportation?

Hiring a reliable and professional airport transportation service is not a tough task. You can get the bookings done even without stepping out of your home. All you need is an internet connection and a laptop. You can search the providers online and then compare the services of different providers. You can even take reference from your friends or relatives who have earlier availed the service of any limo firm.

Chauffeured-driven ride

Chauffeured-driven limo ride offers you first class experience. Experienced and courteous chauffeur offers you timely pick up and drop off facility. Upon the arrival of your flight, you will notice them standing in the baggage claim area with a signboard of your name. They will haul you luggage and take you till the vehicle. The luxury car service will save you from parking hassles, taking care of directions and traffic patterns.

Customer satisfaction- a top most priority

Reputed limo companies strive to keep their customers happy and contented. For them, their top most priority is ‘Customer Satisfaction”. The chauffeur remains at your disposal throughout the ride and ensures that all your needs are well taken care off. They charge affordable rates depending upon the service, type of vehicle, duration for which you need the vehicle, number of people traveling along with you, and the amenities you require.

Variety of vehicles

Limo rental providers in Sydney offer a wide range of vehicles for your diverse needs. Depending upon your group size and budget, you can choose the vehicle. The fleet includes Sedans, SUV’s, Town Cars, Stretch Limo, Lincoln Navigator, Rolls Royce, and a lot more. You can even avail customized packages as per your needs and requirements.

For reliable ground transportation services in Sydney, trust JC Limos. Our limos come equipped with high tech amenities for your perfect airport transfer service. Call us for your bookings. We have reasonable packages to suit our clients’ needs.

Sydney Airport Transfer Service

Limousine is always concerned with wealth and power. Earlier limo transportation was only hired by politicians and high executives. But now, it has become an obvious choice of transportation for every type of traveler. If thinking to visit Sydney shortly, think of hiring Sydney Airport transfer service. It will make your travel a stress-free experience.

Let’s have a look at the benefits of hiring Sydney Airport transfer service.

Professionalism at its best

With airport transfer service, you can experience extreme professionalism. The chauffeur has poise and regard for the customer’s needs. Upon landing at the airport, you may find difficulty traveling through large and busy airports. But with chauffeured driven service, you will be offered experienced chauffeur who will be standing at the baggage carousel area. They will recognize you with a paging board, thus you will be taken to the vehicle in style.

No more traveling hassles

Sydney is a bustling city. It remains packed with large number of travelers throughout the year. If you are a first time visitor, you may find difficulty commuting through jam packed roads. The trained chauffeurs are well-versed with all the city areas and traffic patterns. They offer timely services so that you can reach your destination on time.

Diverse vehicles

Limo rental providers in Sydney offer diverse range of vehicles for your varied needs. It includes Sedans, Stretch Limos, Lincoln Town Cars, Passenger Vans, and much more. They pick and drop the passengers to and from the airport. Select the one that best suits your needs and budget. You can even avail customized packages designed specially for your ground transportation.

Book ahead of time

If you have a plan to visit Sydney either for business tour or for leisure purpose, start your bookings ahead of time. It depends upon how many vehicles you have, what’s your pick up and drop off location, type of occasion, and how much people you are traveling with. Prices may change with time. So, it’s always better to make your booking ahead of time.

For reliable and pocket friendly airport transfer service in Sydney, get in touch with JC Limos. Our vehicles are available round the clock at your service. Our chauffeurs are trained individuals who drive the passengers throughout the city in a courteous manner. For utmost style and convenience, call us for your bookings.

Perks of Hiring Limos for Sydney Airport Transfers

Whether you are heading Sydney for corporate or leisure purpose, opting for limo rentals will ensure that your journey is as relaxing as possible. There are plethoras of perks to enjoy when you hire a chauffeur driven ride. You will surely experience a perfect journey to and from the airport.

Let’s have a look at some of the benefits of airport transfer service of limousine.

Ultimate sophistication and lavishness

Limos are associated with style and sophistication. The high end amenities inside offer you a lavish experience. You can avail these services in the best possible manner. Some of the amenities inside include leather upholstery, entertainment units, sound system, DVD player, and many such features. The chilled beverages served on the way will help you evade all your fatigue. Thus, the class and comfort the limo vehicle offers can’t be compared with anything else.

Professional assistance

When you arrive at Sydney Airport, you don’t need to stress yourself in finding a reliable and comfortable transportation. With limo hire, you will be offered the assistance of chauffeurs. They will be waiting for you in the baggage carousel area. When your flight lands, they will meet you with a signboard of your name, greet you, assist with your luggage, and take you till the limo vehicle in style.

Swift navigation

Sydney is a renowned destination offering wealth of attractions and facilities. After you are picked up from the airport, the chauffeurs will take you to roam around the city so as to let you experience its unique beauty. Instead of worrying about the navigation and the traffic issues, you just need to concentrate on making the best of everything. You can even ask for a scenic route so that you can take in the sights and sounds of the Sydney.

On time pickups and drop offs

The airport limos keep a track of flight timings so that they can reach the airport 15 minutes prior to the arrival of your flight. They ensure that no delays are caused on their part. Being updated with the flight timings also enables them to drop you at the airstrip on time. Also, the GPS technology equipped inside the vehicles will ensure the easy navigation through jam packed roads so that you don’t miss your flight.

It is always a practical choice to hire a limousine for airport transfers. For reliable, affordable, and professional airport transfers from Sydney Airport, get in touch with Booking Limos. Our exclusive fleet of vehicles will take you to your destination in a luxurious and convenient manner. Call us or fill our online reservation forms.

Touring Around Sydney in Luxury Limos

Limos are synonyms of class and comfort. They are quite popular among elite, and celebrities who travel in limo as a matter of their prestige and stature. They are ultimate in comfort and style and offer wide array of packages. You can tour around Sydney in Luxury Limos. You can hire the limos for any of the occasions be it be- corporate travels, airport transfers, weddings, anniversaries, birthday parties, and many such occasions.

Let’s have a look at the top of the reasons why people want to rent luxurious limos-

  • Corporate travels– For business people, limos is all about their status symbol and ego. It marks a good impression on the business clients and helps to sign a deal with a reputed company. Traveling in the limos is the best option to save their precious time as these people can’t afford to waste their time.
  • Airport transfers– Sydney airport remains busy. Getting a transport upon the arrival means of lot of wastage of time and frustration. Thus, hiring limos means the car arrives before the arrival of your flight and chauffeurs are there standing in baggage claim area to escort you till the vehicle. It ensures your comfortable and relaxing ride.
  • Special occasions– Occasions such as weddings, birthday parties, and anniversaries call for special celebration. Limos provide a chance to have gala time with your friends and family during the ride. No matter its any occasion, chauffeurs will ensure your timely pick up and drop facility.

Elegant and convenient limos

Limos of a reputed limo firm comes loaded with the sophisticated features. It includes- plush leather seats, maximum legroom and headroom, privacy partition, tinted windows, fiber optic lighting, dual ice chests, intercom system, latest entertainment units, and lot more. They are equipped with GPS tracking system to ensure the easy navigation of the cars even through the congested roads. The limos are at par with style and elegance. Nothing is as luxurious and efficient as limos.

Ultimate services of chauffeurs

Along with the luxury limos, you will also be offered with professional and trained chauffeurs. They take the driving and parking hassles on their shoulders and provides you smooth and stress free ride throughout Sydney. They are fully trained in the art of customer satisfaction. They never mind going an extra mile to surpass your expectations.

For hiring exotic and luxurious limousines in Sydney, get in touch JC limousines. We are inclined towards our customers needs and doesn’t mind accommodating last minute errands. Call our customer representative and avail our most affordable services.

Sydney Limo Prices- Factors to consider

Sydney Limos are famous. They are mostly rented for special occasions like proms, weddings, night outs, and even corporate events. However, the Sydney Limo prices differ from event to event and the offers also vary depending on the car company.

The article talks about the Sydney Limo prices:

Basics of Limo rental prices

The cost of services depends on a number of factors. The time of the year at which you are going to rent a car may affect the price. During peak season, you can expect Limos to have higher rates, and you can anticipate for much lower costs during the non-peak days.

Charges also vary on the type of Limousine you select. If you want to hire a brand new car, the cost is high.

Weekends are always exceptional. After a tiring week at office, you just want to relax on weekends. Charges of the services soar on Saturday and Sundays as the demand of the services is more during these days.

The areas you live impact the price of Limo hire services. If you live in cities like New York and Sydney, the prices for the chauffeured car services could be quite high. A car from the countryside is cheap.

Distance is also an important criterion that influences the Limo rental costs. A whole tour of the city is highly chargeable. The type of service also sways the rental costs.

Peak season

Limousine costs indeed increase during the following occasions like weddings, proms, graduation and other special events. Some firms have advanced booking for cheaper prices. If you can book a year or six months before, you can great discounts.

What adds to extra value to Sydney Limo prices?

Limousine services come with a driver. However, the tip of the driver is not included in the package. You have to pay around 10% of the total package amount to the chauffeur as tip. Some firms also charge extra for gas and parking fee. All you have to do is research well before you select a firm. Look for the exact costs and compare prices between two to three Limo rental providers.

Now after you know all the factors that sway Sydney Limo prices, you can choose your option accordingly. It is crucial to inquire about value of services a provider offers.

JC Limos offer the best car rental services in the region at highly reasonable prices. Call us for more information.

Wedding Limousine service- for a magnificent ride on your special day.

Wedding is the most important day of your life, and you want to make it just perfect. Planning this special day involves a lot of preparations. You have to take care of all the fine details so that the event becomes unique and memorable. One of the most essential details is transportation for you and your wedding party. This mode of travel adds style, luxury and comfort to the wedding.

Hiring a Wedding Limousine service puts a positive and long-lasting impression on the onlookers. When you use these services, you receive the best treatment. During your travel, you have a licensed and professional driver at your disposal that takes care of your travel needs. The experienced chauffeur offers you the best service to keep you happy all the day. They accommodate all your needs to ensure your ride to the church is stress-free.

The chauffeur reaches the designated pickup point ten minutes prior to giving bridal extra time to settle in the vehicle. He escorts you to the car and helps you with the dress. On an occasion like wedding, you likely to have a large number of guests. You want all of them to transport in style and luxury. An elegant and magnificent Wedding Limo accommodates your entire party. No one from you has to be the designated driver for the day picking and dropping your guest to and from the venue.

A Limo can seat around 25 people in it, so all your close friends can fit in just one vehicle. It also cuts your transport cost. You do not have to worry about the traffic congestion and parking hassles.

The inside of the vehicle speaks volume of comfort and grandeur. You can stretch your legs, prevent your dress from wrinkling and above all; the vehicle has space for all to settle in comfortably. They also come with many features like mini-bar, plasma screens, intercom facilities, DVD players, AM/FM stereos and internet.

Just call and book a Wedding Limousine service. It is the easy way to take care of your transportation needs for your big day. We know weddings are expensive; hiring a Limousine is very affordable these days. You get first-rate services just within your budget. You not only get transportation to the church, but also to the reception venue.

Wedding Limos are dedicated to providing you the best services. It adds a dash of class to your travel and also makes your important day a success. Consider hiring one from JC Limos. They continue to be the premier luxury provider in Sydney from last many years. Dial for more details.

Limousine Services- Benefits

limo-service-sydneyAre you planning a trip out of town, but you are clueless about the directions? Want to have a memorable night out with friends, but do not want to be a designated driver for the event? Are you looking for a reliable transportation mode to and from the airport? Then a Limo service is what you need. There are many reasons you can avail Limousine for:

No driving hassles
If you want to roam around a new city, then you must have a thorough knowledge of its routes and directions. Moreover, it is also not necessary that your car have GPS services in it. A Limo comes with a designated chauffeur who is well versed with all the city routes. He can safely drive you around the city without any hassles.

Puts positive impression on the onlooker
Why only for out of town visit? A Limo is used by many corporate executives to grab attention of their clients. Even many individuals use these services to impress their girl. The sight of a Limo outside the house surely draws attention and the traveler get awaited appreciation.

Cost effective
A Limo can accommodate a dozen of your friends. This helps you save much money, as you do not have to hire many vehicles to get to a set location.

Offers a safe and comfortable travel
A Limo is safe and comfortable to travel in. Plush leather seats add to your luxury. You can relax while in the vehicle. Limousines are well taken care of. They are professionally inspected before each trip, to ensure clients’ safety.

Makes your day memorable
If it is your wedding day, or your prom night, then a Limousine service can make your day memorable. It can make you talk of the town. Traveling in a Limo will make you feel like a princess. A uniformed chauffeur will escort you to the event. You can have fun all the way.

No drinking and driving issues
Nobody wants to be a designated driver after a night out with friends. Being a driver means you have to give up drinking. It will be your responsibility to drop all your group safely to their places. With the assistance of chauffeur, you can indulge in drinking. Limousine service will get you to your place safely.

With Limo services offering so many benefits, it is best to hire them for a special occasion and event, be it leisure or corporate. For more information on Limousine rental services, contact us.