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The Best Stretch Limos to be Hired

Limousines we know are expensive and luxurious cars. Many people often dream of travelling in limos and not everyone can buy them. However, travelling in limos is an easy thing today because of limo hire services. Limo hire services have been operational since the last few years. There are many limo services that offer their limos on a rental basis to people who desire to travel in these vehicles. In addition, the limo services also offer great ease and convenience of travelling.

Limousines are of different types. Stretch limousines are the ones that can be used to seat 6 to 20 passengers at a time. These can be used for travel of a small group of people for any type of occasions. Most limo service providers maintain stretch limos in their fleet of limousines so that the travel needs of a wide range of clients can be met.

Stretch limos are also very luxurious vehicles. These are not only crafted beautifully and comfortably but are also equipped with features and facilities that make travelling stylish and relaxed. The most popular stretch limos that can be hired from limo service providers include:

  • Stretch Lincoln Town Car: This classic stretch limo can seat 6 to 12 passengers at a time. This stretch limo is a highly comfortable vehicle and has several features like climate control, mirrored ceiling, comfortable seats and is also provided with several amenities for the passengers to have a comfortable ride.
  • Ford LTD Stretch: This stretch limo can seat up to 11 passengers at a time. This limousine is provided with several amenities and facilities like neon lighting, entertainment system, full length bar etc. The limo is provided with comfortable seats and offers enough legroom for all passengers to travel in great comfort.
  • Stretch Limo Chrysler 300: This stretch limo represents style and elegance. It is provided with all luxurious features and amenities that passengers can enjoy when travelling. The limo is equipped with a bar, TV, fibre optic lighting, comfortable seats and also TV and digital control panel.
  • Stretch SUV H2 Hummer: This stretch limousine can seat up to 14 passengers. It is provided with several features and amenities like personal bar, entertainment and sound system as well as plasma TV and DVD player. The travellers are sure to have a great ride in this stretch limo.
  • Stretch Lincoln Navigator: This limousine offers great luxury transportation for up to 14 passengers at a time. It is equipped with a personal bar, entertainment system and comfortable seats. The limo also offers enough space for all passengers to travel in great comfort.

JC Limousines is a well-known limo service provider in Sydney with its headquarters at Baulkham Hills. We offer reliable and high quality limo services for different occasions to meet the travel needs of our clients within and outside Australia.

Stretch limo hire Sydney: Move around the town lavishly in a luxury car

Moving across the town can be extremely easy if you get a lavish vehicle to travel in. Since, a good mode of transport has the ability to ease down your commuting worries extensively, you must make sure that you book it for your requirement, timely.

Since, a lot of plush vehicles are present in the market place, finding the best one out of them all can be a difficult task for you. Stretch limo being one of the best cards across the world, does not only prove to be the finest but also lavish and highly expedient.

Below mentioned are some points which describe how you can opt for a better ride. Take a quick look to know:

  • First of all, be clear about your commuting needs. Since, your objective is one such element which will help you in fetching directions towards your goal, you need to make sure that you set one in a timely manner for grabbing an anticipated ride experience.
  • Moving around the town in a lavish car can be a great plan. However, to double the excitement and multiply the enjoyment, stretch limousine is what you should get for your needs. This will not only help you in turning heads of the bystanders but also in grabbing great deal off attention from them by arresting their eye movements, immediately.
  • Number of passengers will never become a barrier for you. Since, this vehicle is very roomy and spacious in nature, you can accommodate a good amount of people into it very easily. Apart from this, since the legroom of this vehicle is good and the headroom also provides extreme convenience and comfort, a big group of friends and relatives can go with this mode of transport easily.
  • You do not even have to worry about the time. The service provider well understands the value of time and ensures prompt rides no matter how jammed the roads are or how bad the weather is. The chauffeur will always find an escape for you, and this turns out to be one of the best features of this car.

Have you been looking for a great commuting experience? Try our plush vehicle and see how your journey turns out to be. We at Jc Limousines have a large fleet of vehicles, not only maintained but also very attractive in appearance. For more details and information, call or mail today.

Consider Hiring Stretch Limousine for Your Big Group Travels

When making travel arrangements for any of your occasion, always consider the limousine services. No matter you are traveling in small or large groups, there are varied fleet of limo vehicles available to cater to your diverse needs. No matter you are traveling for weddings, bachelor party, or any other party occasion with your entire group; stretch limo is the perfect choice. It is an ultimate way to make group transfers. Let’s have a look at some of its perks.

Perfect for party eves

A stretch limousine offers you everything you need to make luxurious travels. The interior comes equipped with plush leather seats to offer you immense comfort. The mini bars holds ice, soft drink, and champagne. You can listen to your favorite tunes of music on high quality sound system.  The blackened glass partition between the passengers’s seating area and chauffeur’s cabin, allows you to indulge in complete fun.

 Corporate purpose

Many people consider stretch limos for their business tour. Traveling in a posh limo ride is a great way to impress your business clients. If your high end business delegates are arriving the city for signing a deal, you need to treat them with luxury. Arrange a chauffeur-driven limousine that would pick them up from the airport and takes to their destination in style. This would save them from the hassle of navigating in an unknown city.

Spells style and sophistication

The very first glance of stretch limousine can steal away your attention and makes you hop inside it. It gives broad and fascinating look. The capacious interior gives you a royal feel. The warm and inviting look will give you a celebrity feel throughout the ride.

 Feel the convenience of being driven by chauffeur

The experience of being driven by the professional chauffeur is simply unique. Being in a group, you just have to concentrate on spending quality time and making memories with them. You can indulge in unlimited drinking, ultimate fun and endless gossips. Parking, traffic, and driving will no longer pose stress for you.

For stretch limousine hire in Sydney, get in touch with JC Limousine. Our vehicles come well maintained and spotless both inside as well as outside. Just plan your itinerary, gather your group of friends, and rest leave the flawless execution unto us. No matter you are on leisure or corporate tours, we would facilitate your quality transportation. For your bookings, you can call us at 1800-525-466. You can even email us your queries at .


Stretch Ford LTD limousine- Perfect vehicle for your business tour

If you want to impress your business partners or clients, must hire Stretch Ford LTD limousine. There is no other vehicle that can beat Stretch Ford when it comes to corporate travel needs. These are usually long vehicles driven by professional chauffeurs that comes with two most appealing colors i.e. black and white that depicts the simplicity and elegance same as the corporate aura. Today almost all corporate houses and business executives are opting for Ford stretch limousine.

The reason behind is its impeccable features, design and services that helps them to make right impression on their clients and partners. Whether hiring for their client pickup, heading towards their business meetings or just a casual leisure tour with colleagues, the business executives always prefer to choose this transport. Stretch Ford limousine is designed in way so that it can be used both for corporate purpose and leisure trips. This is most comfortable transport that can be transformed as a mini office where one can make their business meetings on the wheels and on the other hand can alter it with amazing features that can flip the normal trip to a miraculous and memorable one.

  • Seating capacity of up to 7 passengers
  • Sunroof
  • Custom designed full length bar
  • Privacy screen to maintain confidential business talks private
  • Leather upholstery seats with suffice legroom to relax
  • WIFI availability to perform important business chores
  • Crystal clear Plasma TV
  • Tinted windows to maintain privacy
  • LED and neon lights
  • State of art music system

Chauffeurs driving this limousine are expert and well-trained to handle corporate clients and partners. They are well dressed, cordial enough and add shining stars to the business ride by taking care of every essential aspect with their gentle services. There are many limo companies offering Ford stretch limousines but each of their rental rates differs. It is suggested to compare their rental rates and services. Get in touch with JC Limousines and avail exciting services and unbeatable rates. Our fleet of latest limousines are meticulously maintained and beautifully presented inside and outside. Make bookings for your personal Stretch Ford limousine online. Discuss your taste and needs and let our team organize accordingly. For further information, just give us a call or email us. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Stretch Limos- an ideal ride for all occasions and events

Stretch Limousines has always been associated with luxury and comfort. With the mushroom growth of service providers all around the globe, hiring one for personal celebrations have become a lot easier and also cheap. Renting one for special occasions has become a well-known trend. The facilities inside are beyond comparison and added security let you enjoy the party without any worry.

Stretch Limo hire for all occasions

The vehicle has been favorite among all other Limo variants. The reason is obvious the grand space it offers and also the amenities it has. It can easily accommodate 20 people in it comfortably. The posh car can make your entrance and exit talk of the night.

Reasons of popularity of the Stretch Limos

There are many features that make the vehicle hot favorite for partygoers. The luxurious and stylish interiors, incomparable comfort features and special customization for events and occasions make it an ideal choice for people looking to host an extraordinary party.

Also, the car offers high-end audio and video entertainment facilities, dance floors, mini-bars and freezers, plasma screens and lot more. So your celebration starts the moment you step inside this opulent car. Special emphasis is also given on the privacy and security inside it. There is a privacy screen between the passenger and chauffeur’s seating area. Also, the windows are tinted giving you the required aloofness to enjoy the ride.

Available models

No matter the occasion you are hiring it for be it wedding, bachelor party, prom night or a simple night out, you will have several options of cars to choose from. Most popular models of Stretch vehicles are SUV Stretch Limo, Hummer Stretch Limo, Chrysler 300 C and lot more. You can select one as per your budget, personal taste, and other requirements.


The packages will differ from provider to provider. A lot depends on the occasion, choice of the fleet, distance to be travelled and the number of rental hours. Prior hiring one, ensure you understand the pricing structure of the firm. It will give you a rough estimate of the cost so you can prepare yourself accordingly. Make a booking early to reserve the auto of your choice and also save a few bugs on the cost.

JC Limousine offer stretch Limo hire in Sydney for special events, celebrations and also corporate affairs. Call us for more information or fill our online forms for reservations.

Enjoy musical night with cheap Sydney limo services

Nowra Anglican College brings to you their forthcoming production Oklahoma after the success of Sound of Music, Annie My Fair Lady, and Fiddler on the Roof. Their new production will go on stage at the Shoalhaven Entertainment Centre from the 9th to the 11th May 2013.

The show will be the complete musical treat for the family. So don’t miss it; get the tickets booked and be ready to swing on the beats composed by your favourite performers. Make this family outing a memorable occasion. Hire a Sydney Limo, to take you all to the event venue. Why on this special night you want to get into the traffic and parking hassles. Let somebody else take care of such things on your behalf.

Dress up in your best and wait for the Limo to take you in style to the venue. The Limo will timely pick you from your place so that you don’t miss the beginning of the show. Enjoy the Limo ride singing, dancing on your favourite beats or watching a movie which all of you love.

Luxury limos are equipped with all latest amenities including LCD’s, DVD players, I-Pod docks, surround sound systems, fiber optic lights and mirrored ceilings so that you can have fun all the way. Whether you hire a Stretch Limo or 7 people Limo; both of them are comfortable, luxurious and a perfect carrier to take you to the desired destination.

On reaching the venue; the Limo will drop you right at the entrance gate. After the show ends, the chauffeur will bring the car at the exit gate and drop you back home.

To hire Luxury Limousine services in Sydney; look for the Limo companies online. Make a list of them and pen down their contact numbers. Filter the ones that are fitting in your budget and other requirements. Before finalizing everything, make sure you visit the company. Have a look on the condition of their fleets. Check them properly including seats, model number of the car, insurance status and registration of the vehicle.

Enquire about their package also. Ask them what all is included in it and if there are any extra charges you have to pay. Clear all your queries and then book the Limo.

Limo services Sydney

In Sydney, you can contact JC Limousine for pick and drop to and from Shoalhaven Entertainment Centre. They understand the commuting needs of their clients and offer transportation facilities to and from the desired venue. They offer a wide range of limousines that are well maintained and timely serviced by professional mechanics. They ensure you comfort, safe and hassle-free ride.

Anniversary limos hire with Sydney Limousine

When was the last time you celebrated your anniversary. It might have been long. So this year makes this day an extra special. Remember all the lovely moments you spend with each other… the night you propose her, your wedding day, fights, things that made both of you laugh and happy. Celebrate your togetherness.

Give extra punch to your celebrations by hiring a Anniversary Limousine. Plan for your day in advance and make all the preparation without even letting your wife know about it. This will be a big surprise for her. Just imagine her expressions on seeing a Luxurious Limousine in front of her. Escort her to the car and let her in comfortably.

Go for a long drive to all your favourite places in the city. Sydney is a beautiful city; so you can roam around all the places that you both have memories with. Raise toast for your love with a champagne being served in the Limo. Limo companies can also arrange for cake and flowers so that nothing is left to make your day a memorable experience.

Anniversary Limos are also equipped with all latest entertainment features including LCD/DVD players, AM/FM stereo, I-Pod docks, mirrored ceilings, laser lights; surround sound systems and flat screens to set the mood of celebration.

After that, you can go to a restaurant to have dinner. The Limo will drop you back safely after you are done with your day.
Booking Limos in Sydney

Look for affordable Limo companies in Sydney on the internet or search for them in the local directories. Make a list of all the companies that fit in your budget and pen down their contact numbers. Call them and enquire about their packages. Select the one you think is the best as per to the price and your requirements.

Visit the company and have a look on their fleets as you may not want your big day to turn into a big disappointment. Ask for their license, insurance and registration. After you are satisfied with everything; pay them and make bookings.

Sydney Limousine

JC limousines are one of premier leader in offering you best transportation services to in Sydney. They have affordable Limo rental packages for anniversaries. Their chauffeurs are well trained, and they are properly attired to match your high standards. They will make you reach at the address without any delays in proper time. You will get all high tech amenities inbuilt in their limousine so that you can enjoy your occasion to the fullest.

Concert limo hire with Sydney Limousine

Paul Simon, the American Jewish musician, is coming here in Sydney to rock you all. On April 2, 2013, he will perform in Sydney Entertainment Centre. So what are you waiting for? Go and grab your tickets and see your favourite musician performing life. Keep all the office pressures, family troubles aside and enjoy the music. Dance and swing on your favourite beats; cheer him and applaud for him.

Take your family and friends along so that you have a company to enjoy such a great evening. Instead of driving on your own; book a Concert Limousine with a Limo company in Sydney. Move in luxury to the concert venue. Don’t get into the hassle of picking and dropping others. With a Limo at your side; all these things will be handled by the chauffeur so that you can comfortably just sit on the back seat and enjoy the ride.

Luxury limousines are also equipped with latest amenities like LCD’s, DVD players, AM/FM stereo, surround sound systems, I-Pod docks and plasma flat screens to set the mood for the event.

A Concert Limo will pick you timely from your place so that you can reach the venue before hand and can easily get your seats. You don’t have to wait in long queues, to get inside the venue. The chauffeur will also drop you to the gate and will park the car himself saving your time.

After the event is over, the chauffeur will pick you from the exit gate. After that, he will drop each one of you back to your places.

Limos for concert are easily available just look for the Limo companies in the city. Search for companies on the internet or look for them in local directories. Make a list of them and pen down their contact numbers. We know it is a lengthy process, but it will help you find the best.

Filter the ones on the basis of their packages, rental cost and fleets available. Fill their online reservation form or call them to make a booking. Prior to it ask them about their license, insurance and registration. Also check is there any additional cost you have to bear apart from the package. If yes, what else is that?

Concert Limo Sydney

When in Sydney; you can hire Limo services of JC Limousines. They offer luxury ground transportation service for fun and leisure events. Our fleets include luxury stretch limos, party vans to let you select one as your requirement and budget. They offer Limo services 24 hours a day, 7days a week, 365 days a year for your convenience.

Stretch Limo hire with Sydney Limousine

Hiring a Stretch Limos can be a great way to make your occasion a lifetime memory whether one is going for a night out or for a graduation night celebration, bachelor party, corporate services or for a wedding ceremony. Today hiring a Limo for special occasions is not that tough. With so many Limo companies in Sydney; you can easily get one at reasonable rates making your occasion a memorable one.

A Stretch Limo is equipped with all latest entertainment features including LCD/DVD players, surround sound systems, AM/FM players, plasma screens, I-Pod docks, plush leather seats, fiber optic lights, Wi-Fi connectivity, mirrored ceilings and laser lights making your travel comfortable and enjoyable one. Moreover, Limos have a divider separating the driver from the rear passenger seats that give you all a sense of privacy.

The vehicle also includes bars in it so one can enjoy a glass of champagne with his friends or family while on the go. The limousines can accommodate 8 to 24 people in it. Available in various colours and models including Rolls Royce, Hummer, Stretch Ford LTD, Maserati Quattroporate, Stretch Chrysler and many other types and in colours like silver, black and white; one can choose as per to the budget, need and number of passengers.

To hire one; look for Affordable Limousine companies in Sydney. Make a list of them and pen down their contact numbers. Enquire about their packages. Select one fitting in your budget and other requirements. Before making payment; check the company’s fleets properly.

Some do’s

  • The car should not smell
  • It should be neat and clean
  • See when the car was last serviced
  • Check the company’s license and insurance status
  • Check the driver’s license
  • Check the company’s registration

Stretch Limo hire Sydney

When in Sydney; you can hire a Stretch Limo from JC Limousine. They offer luxury limousines for weddings, sporting events, corporate travels, airport transfers, leisure trips and night outs at reasonable prices in Sydney, Wollongong, Parramatta, Sutherland Shire, Hills District, Newcastle and Belmont.