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The Best Stretch Limos to be Hired

Limousines we know are expensive and luxurious cars. Many people often dream of travelling in limos and not everyone can buy them. However, travelling in limos is an easy thing today because of limo hire services. Limo hire services have been operational since the last few years. There are many limo services that offer their limos on a rental basis to people who desire to travel in these vehicles. In addition, the limo services also offer great ease and convenience of travelling.

Limousines are of different types. Stretch limousines are the ones that can be used to seat 6 to 20 passengers at a time. These can be used for travel of a small group of people for any type of occasions. Most limo service providers maintain stretch limos in their fleet of limousines so that the travel needs of a wide range of clients can be met.

Stretch limos are also very luxurious vehicles. These are not only crafted beautifully and comfortably but are also equipped with features and facilities that make travelling stylish and relaxed. The most popular stretch limos that can be hired from limo service providers include:

  • Stretch Lincoln Town Car: This classic stretch limo can seat 6 to 12 passengers at a time. This stretch limo is a highly comfortable vehicle and has several features like climate control, mirrored ceiling, comfortable seats and is also provided with several amenities for the passengers to have a comfortable ride.
  • Ford LTD Stretch: This stretch limo can seat up to 11 passengers at a time. This limousine is provided with several amenities and facilities like neon lighting, entertainment system, full length bar etc. The limo is provided with comfortable seats and offers enough legroom for all passengers to travel in great comfort.
  • Stretch Limo Chrysler 300: This stretch limo represents style and elegance. It is provided with all luxurious features and amenities that passengers can enjoy when travelling. The limo is equipped with a bar, TV, fibre optic lighting, comfortable seats and also TV and digital control panel.
  • Stretch SUV H2 Hummer: This stretch limousine can seat up to 14 passengers. It is provided with several features and amenities like personal bar, entertainment and sound system as well as plasma TV and DVD player. The travellers are sure to have a great ride in this stretch limo.
  • Stretch Lincoln Navigator: This limousine offers great luxury transportation for up to 14 passengers at a time. It is equipped with a personal bar, entertainment system and comfortable seats. The limo also offers enough space for all passengers to travel in great comfort.

JC Limousines is a well-known limo service provider in Sydney with its headquarters at Baulkham Hills. We offer reliable and high quality limo services for different occasions to meet the travel needs of our clients within and outside Australia.

Stretch Hummer- A Perfect Blend of Opulence and Comfort

Are you thinking of perfect party celebration with your friends? Is yes, one idea is to hire an exclusive stretch hummer and commence your celebrations on wheels. It is the most economical option to travel with your entire group in one ride. What makes it an iconic mode of transportation? Let’s have a look.

Luxury at affordable prices

It offers you the most luxury transportation solution. The vehicle comes equipped with high end amenities such as plush leather upholstery, entertainment units like DVD player, plasma screen, and sound system. Mirrored ceiling lightning and disco ceiling lights gives a perfect party ambience. Party occasion is often fueled with an alcohol, so the vehicle comes stuffed with ice chest bar that lets you indulge in unlimited drinking.

Comfort on the move

The large seating capacity makes the long distance travel highly comfortable. With a stretch limo rental, you will have one thing less to worry about. You don’t have to be a designated driver. The driving will be the responsibility of chauffeur. All you just need is to engage yourself in unlimited fun and frolic with your group.

Arrive in style and make the heads turn

Arriving to your party venue in such an opulent vehicle will make the heads turn. Nothing can stop you from being the cynosure of others eyes. Its spotless look will make you hop inside at the very first look. Riding amidst such a luxury will let you feel that the journey is over too soon.

Safe mode of transportation

Safety is a primary concern that must not be overlooked. Besides being luxurious and economical, the vehicle is equally safe for your travel requirements. The state of art facilities equipped inside ensures the timely arrival and departure of the cars. It also has onboard GPS technology that will allow the easy navigation even through jam packed roads.

To experience a perfect blend of luxury and comfort, consider hiring Stretch Hummer with JC Limousine. We offer tailored and best in class ground transportation solution for every type of your need. Give us a call on 1800-525-466 and book your desired ride. For any queries, you can even email us at . We are always ready to serve our best.

Stretch Hummer- The most comfortable and convenient way to travel

If any special occasion is on the charts, think ways to make it the most memorable one. If you have a big group, consider hiring the stretch hummer. It is the most comfortable way to arrive at the destination with your group. You can rent it for proms, birthday parties, weddings, bachelor party, and a lot more.

Here are some of the perks of renting the vehicle.


The vehicle is quite fascinating to look at. Its large size make it possible to accommodate about 15-18 passengers. The inside is quite unique and comes equipped with all the necessary amenities. The seats are arranged in L-shape and give them a capacious look. The plush leather seating makes the ride more convenient.


Ride in such a big and posh vehicle will attract everyone’s attention towards you. When you arrive at your destination, everyone’s eyes will be glued on you. Its royal look and the amenities inside will surely make your occasion unforgettable. It comes equipped with plasma TC screen, DVD player, surround system, fiber optic lighting, mirrored ceiling, and a lot more.

Trained chauffeurs

With no worries of driving and traffic, you can spice up your party occasion. You can drink as much as you can as driving will be taken care by the professional chauffeurs. Ice chests bars will give you refreshing feel. All you just need is to sit back and make memories with your loved ones. You even don’t have to worry about directions; the trained professionals are well acquainted with all the city areas.

High end amenities

The warm and inviting interior makes it an ideal fit for your luxurious travels. There are wet bars filled with ice, water, soft drinks, and champagne. You will be even served snacks and meals on special request. The privacy partition separates your compartment from that of the chauffeur. You can communicate with them using intercom facility.

Earlier this suave vehicle was confined to rich, but now with the mushroom growth of affordable limo providers, it can be rent by anyone.

If thinking to rent stretch hummer in Sydney, get in touch with JC Limos. You can call us or fill our online reservation forms for free quotes. Our latest model of fleet of vehicles comes meticulously maintained to match your occasion.

Hiring a Stretch Hummer for a luxurious and grand experience

Extravagance, style, grandeur…… A Stretch Hummer falls perfect for this introduction. You might have ridden in a luxury vehicle, but traveling in a Stretch Hummer is a far better experience. It is significantly longer and larger than the average Stretched car.  At the first glance, your eyes grew wider and larger. They look amazing and grand just primarily because of its size.  However, these are ideal for group travels and come with loads of add-ons. Also, the seats are arranged in L-shape and generally have a bar area.

Seating capacity and availability

It can easily accommodate more than 10 individuals within. It is the reason they are quite popular for group transfers to a special event or occasion. These are used for bachelor parties, prom night, weddings, casino trips, nigh outs, birthday parties and lots more.


Hummer Limos are synonymous to party on wheels. They come equipped with flat screens, TV/DVD players, stereo sound systems and lots more. Then there is a wet bar filled with ice, soft drinks and beverages. The snacks can be served upon request. Tiny tables are hidden within just the walls that appear whenever you call for food service.  There is an intercom to talk to the chauffeur in case you have a message to give him.

The sunroofs can be utilized to have a good view of the night. There is a glass partition between the chauffeur and passenger area to give you full privacy.

Stretch Hummers have extensive mood lighting throughout the vehicle. The control of lights is on the panel in the passenger region. The windows are tinted to offer you complete privacy from the outside world.


Stretch Hummers are a quite popular among wealthy celebrities, big business tycoons and party lovers.  The amenities and plush looks of the car make it a preferred choice for special events and occasions.

So if a celebration is on the charts, consider hiring a Stretch Hummer. You can look for limo firms online or in local directories. Pen down the number of three to four providers and talk to them one by one. Inquire about the model number, registration details and license status. Make sure the company you choose to hire the services from is reliable, reputable and experience.

For Stretch Hummer in Sydney, get in touch with JC Limos. We offer services for all special occasions, corporate events and leisure purposes. Call us for additional details or fill our online form for bookings.

Party in Style with Stretch Hummer Sydney

Partying with friends has always been of great fun no matter what the reason. Sometimes, there comes moments that call for special celebration. Such occasions can be made more special and fun-filled by hiring a posh and luxurious ride. What’s better than hiring Stretch Hummer to make everlasting memories?

Party on wheels

Limousine can be a perfect example of party on wheels. Limo party is a unique and entirely mobile affair. You can invite all your friends to the party and travel just together anywhere. It offers large seating capacity to accommodate about 14-16 passengers. So, you don’t have to cut short the list and can comfortably make point to point transfers.

With various amenities at the disposal, the party mood gets fueled up. With dance floors, disco ceiling lighting, and entertainment units you can have a fun-filled and entertaining ride. You can drink as much as you want as you don’t have to drive home on your own.

Professionals behind the wheel

You can have the most memorable time with your friends without any worry of driving and parking. With professionals behind the wheel, you can take a drop to local pubs, restaurants, or to any of your favorite place. You don’t have to worry about navigating through throngs of traffic. The vehicle comes equipped GPS technology that allows the chauffeurs to avoid the routes packed with traffic.

No matter your party gets over at what time , the chauffeur will be waiting outside the venue to take you back. They remain at your dispense throughout the travel thus ensuring that you reach back home safely.

Choose the most reputed and experienced limo firm

Start searching for the limo firm providers who will fulfill all your needs at the affordable prices. Choose a destination and enquire well about the services of the company. Ensure that the provider you choose is licensed as well as insured. It must have acquired years of experience to make the party occasion memorable.

Besides this, a reputed provider provides the opportunity to customize the rental packages as per your needs, budget, and other preferences.

Hire Stretch Hummer with JC Limos and enjoy the grandeur and magnificence. We are one of the leading limo rental providers in Sydney.  We will make your evening a worth remembering day. Avail our services and take your friends or family to a nearby hotspot. Call us for the bookings. You can contact our customer representative for any assistance.

Stretch Hummer Hire Sydney

Stretch Hummers have been associated with luxury and comfort. It is an ideal vehicle for any of your occasion including weddings, birthdays, prom nights, bachelor party, airport transfers, corporate travels, and many such occasions. The facilities inside are beyond comparison and give you a luxurious feel.

Here are some of the perks of hiring Stretch Hummer.

Spacious vehicle

Due to its spacious seating arrangement, the vehicle is hot favorite among the party goers. It has a capacity of accommodating 14-18 passengers. If planning for any party, consider hiring Stretch Hummer. It makes a perfect choice for those who want to travel in large groups in one vehicle. With adequate boot space, you can comfortably travel from one place to another.

High end amenities

The car offers high tech amenities so that you can start your celebration the moment you step inside the car. The luxurious seats allow you to experience an immense comfort. It is equipped with sparkling lights along with fiber optic and neon lights. Onboard entertainment features let you enjoy on ride. It includes LCD TV screen, DVD player, and music system. Special emphasis is given on privacy and security features. It is equipped with privacy partition to separate you from the chauffeur’s cabin. Whereas, tinted windows gives you aloofness from the outside world.

Professional services

During busy hours and hectic schedules, none wants to take the burden of driving upon their shoulders. Hiring the vehicle offers you with services of professional chauffeurs. The trained professionals take care of your transportation and navigation issues. They take you to your destination in a smooth and hassle free manner. While traveling with them, you can be assured of flawless services. If on a leisure trip to Sydney, the chauffeurs take you to every place on your list and put all their efforts to serve you the best.

There has been mushroom growth of limo providers. The services differ from provider to provider. After analyzing each provider properly, select the one that best suits your needs, occasion, and budget.

For a reliable limo firm in Sydney, get in touch with JC Limos. We provide you Stretch Hummer at very affordable rates. The vehicle is available for any of your occasion. Call us to book your ride. You can also fill our online reservation forms for free quotes.

Riding in a Stretch Hummer for an ultimate luxury experience

A Stretch Hummer Limo is different from every other automobile you have traveled in. The luxury and style it offers is unmatchable. At first glance, you may not like the vehicle as it looks very broad, but riding in one is lot more fascinating and exciting. They are posh inside and roomier than other cars. The seats are arranged in L-shape offering immense comfort.

Why a Stretch Hummer?

Stretch Hummer is a dream vehicle. It is quite spacious and can be fitted with a full range of amenities that makes them look a lot more stylish.

The original one was developed by the US army. It was designed to withstand rough terrains. It was noisy, less fuel efficient and rigid inside, but then also it served their purpose. However, at the later stages, many new features were introduced to it. Hummer2 was developed which was very comfortable. Due to the growing demand of the vehicle, the manufactures stretched it and convert it into an exotic looking automobile.

The latest version comes outfitted with loads of amenities like high-tech sound systems, LCD’s, TV screens, fog machines and a lot more.

A lot roomier to accommodate any group size

It has enough space to fit any group size. It is available in various models. The seating capacity differs in each. Some can fit in more than 20 people in them while others have the room for 35 or more. The smaller variants have the space for 8 to 12 passengers in them.

Events to hire the car for

Usually, these vehicles are available for weddings, bachelor parties, prom nights, corporate outings, graduation and night outs. These are available in white color. The providers can get the interiors and exteriors decorated with balloons, ribbons and roses anything you like.


Supreme sound systems, dance lights, stocked bar, leather seats….. Hummers have it all. The presence of these features makes the car perfect for special events.

Things to consider

The automobiles are quite popular among young people. So if you are planning to have one, start searching early. The more luxury equipment they have, the more they will cost. Book early so that you can get the variant of your choice.

For hiring Stretch Limousines in Sydney, get in touch with JC Limos. We will be happy to accommodate all your needs. Call us for more information or fill our online forms for free quotes.

Hiring Stretch Hummer Limo- benefits

There are many occasions in life that we want to celebrate so that we can share your happiness with closed ones. Previously, we do not use to have many options on ideas for celebrating. However, times have changed now, and there are many great alternatives to hosting a party. The most popular and fun way is to hire a Stretch Hummer Limo. These are the most luxury transport solutions to celebrate in ultimate style and sophistication.

Hiring a Stretch Hummer Limo for a party has many benefits. You can custom-made a rental package depending on the number of guests, type of music you want at the party and the theme of the occasion. When you hire this vehicle for the event, you do not have to worry about anything.

Imagine what fun you can have by gathering your friends for a special event or occasion. The memory of the night will stay inside you forever. These moments stay with you for long and are remembered with smiles and laughter for life.

The benefits of hiring a Stretch Hummer Limo

Party on wheels

It is the best night club on wheels. It is the most popular and a great way to the party. So you need not leave anyone out. The vehicles have plenty of space to party and accommodate your group. The vehicles also have a great sound system, plasma screens and AM/FM stereos so that the guests can be entertained all night.

Best for organizing theme parties

Themed parties are much fun and create a lovely atmosphere. Everyone loves to dress up to his or her best. A theme also gets you in the right mood.

It is a fantastic way to party with your friends

A luxury vehicle is best to transport you from venue to another. You all can travel together to the favourite restaurant for dinner. Nobody gets late for the occasion. A uniformed chauffeur picks you all from a designated place and drops you to the destination. For deserts, you can hop to another place.

After dining out, you can roam around the city for as long as you want. There are no problems for drinking and driving as you get the assistance of a trained chauffeur. There is a load of different occasions you can hire a Stretch Hummer for. Think about an exciting theme and party with your friends.

Call JC Limos for your next party. Fill our online form for free quotes.

Renting a Stretch Hummer in Sydney


Your 18th birthday bash is a month away. You might be thinking of ways, to make it the most memorable. If you have a big group, then why not hire a Sydney party Limousine. These are an ideal way to arrive at the destination with your group. Today, people prefer renting Sydney Stretch Hummer for such occasions. These can carry up to 18 passengers in it. These are equipped with 3 TV screens, a DVD player, Laser lights, Surround sound systems, Dance floor, Fiber optic lights, mirrored ceilings and a mini bar. They come with tinted windows, to ensure privacy.

These are twice the length of stretch Limousines and, therefore, attracts more attention. Everybody’s eyes will be on you. Imagine the envious eyes of the people when you will get out of this luxury car for your birthday treat. Your whole gang can have fun all the way. A stretch Hummer will spice up your 18th birthday. It will be remain unforgettable for ages. It is one of a kind experience that will eternal your birthday.

In Sydney, many service providers offer Stretch Hummers for rent at reasonable rates. You can call them for quotes or fill their online reservation form. When renting a Stretch Hummer in Sydney, you have to consider many things. The first and foremost thing to consider is how large is your group. Stretch Hummer can only accommodate only 18 passengers in it.

Also consider the length of the time you need to hire the vehicle. Most companies charge hourly for this car. Also read the terms and conditions attached to the renting deed. Read the documents carefully to ensure no costs are hidden from you. Make sure that the vehicle has an insurance cover and is registered as per state’s legal norms. Know about their back up services in case of a mishap. Your car might break or met an accident on the way.

Other important factors to consider are reputation of the company, rental cost, condition of the car, and chauffeurs. Take quotes from three to four companies to get the best deal, and also try and make a booking a month before the occasions like Birthdays, Prom nights, Anniversaries. This way you can hire a Stretch Hummer at reasonable prices.