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Tips for Affordable Limo Hire

For most people, travelling has to be easy and convenient. People these days do not want to undergo any hassles when travelling and therefore keep on looking for new and improved means of travelling. A fairly new means of travel that is fast becoming popular is hired limos. Limos are now available on a rental basis from service providers. A lot of service providers procure limos for the purpose of renting them out and earning money. Limos are offered for rent on an hourly basis by the service providers who make sure that the rented limos offer great comfort and convenience of travel.

Limo service providers maintain different types of limos so that the travel needs of a large number of clients can be met. The service providers also keep in their fleet a large number of limos so that they can cater to the travel requirements of their clients. Based on the needs and requirements of their travelling clients, the limo service providers customise the limo travel.

The rental charges of limos are on an hourly basis. For some people, the rental charges may seem to be a lot but in general the rental charges are affordable. For those who still want to make their limo ride more affordable, given below are some tips:

  • It is better to book limos much in advance so that the service providers can be asked for offering a good rate. When limos are booked last minute, the service providers charge more as compared to the normal rental charges.
  • It is always better to compare a few service providers on the basis of their rental charges before one can be selected. This comparison on the basis of the price helps one to get the best deal. Also, an all-inclusive price quote must be asked for and compared to get affordable limo services.
  • When wanting to make limo hire affordable, it is better to plan the travel during the day. Limo service providers charge lesser during the day as compared to night. The limo rental charges for night travelling are more and the service providers do not offer any discounts as well during night travel. It is always cheaper to hire limos during the day for travelling for different occasions and events.
  • It is always advisable to travel in hired limos in groups so that the rental charges can be divided between the travellers. When a group travels together, the limo ride becomes highly affordable.

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Useful guidelines for improving your experience with limo service

Limousines are elegant cars that have the ability to make your ride extra special, with its fine facilities. However, considering this vehicle is not a cheap affair and hence you need to look into this matter with great attention and care so that booking can be made in the right manner.

Thus, if you want to enjoy a pleasant move from one corner of the town to another, you need to look into these mandatory points so that you can fetch an enhanced limousine experience for your travel plan. Take a quick look at these tips:

  • You must communicate your expectations. This step is of vital importance as it will help you in grabbing a ride, you anticipate. Hence, whenever you plan to a book a limousine for your commuting needs, ensure that you call the provider and have a small talk with the same so that a good journey can be fetched.
  • Inspecting the company is mandatory, every time you plan to book a limousine ride from a new service provider. Online reservations, now-a-days, have become an expedient option. All you have to do is check the company’s background on the internet to find out whether or not it is reputable and reliable. Since, internet is the hub for abundance information, you can acquire all the details of the service provider by just a few clicks. Thus, do not forget to follow this step because it holds vigorous importance in making your limo experience, better and memorable.
  • Pay attention to the chauffeurs allocated for your driving needs. You need to make sure that he is well versed with all the routes so that you do not have to waste any time navigating or looking for ways. Just in case you are new in the town and have no idea about the directions, mention it to the service provider during the booking procedure so that the best chauffeured can be sent for your needs.

Are you planning to book a limousine for your commuting needs? Get in touch with us at JC Limousines to come across a beautiful, extravagant and a comfortable limousine journey. We have a wide range of vehicles waiting for your service, choose one as per your need and let the tremendous journey begin. To know more about our fleet and chauffeurs or for reserving a ride, give a call 1800-525-466 or drop a email at

Important tips on how to grab a memorable limo ride

Limousines have a way of making their clients feel special. Since it offers multifarious benefits to each and every person, your ride becomes memorable the moment you enter the vehicle. The chauffeurs have a very important role to play during the entire journey because your experience at the end of the day depends upon the kind of service he offers to you.

Below mentioned are some tips which if you follow will help you in acquiring a memorable limo ride. Take a quick look to grab information on the same:

  • Be friendly with your chauffeur. Since he is the one to drop you to your location expediently, you need to make sure that you be in good terms with him for fetching a comfortable and smooth ride.
  • Do not create a hassle for him while driving. Since chauffeurs are expert and professional in their jobs they know how to drop you to your location in a perfect manner. Be patient and let him do his job. You will not encounter any delays or troubles when commuting with him.
  • It is always better to carry things for you that can keep you entertained. This is mandatory just in case you plan to have fun on wheels with your bunch of friends. These items could be cards or other games which can keep you involved throughout the journey. Since the ambiance and environment is already created by the car itself, all you can do is just add icing to the cake for making it one to remember.
  • Choose the correct package. A wide range of facilities are available in them. Thus, if you are looking forward to certain refreshments or other items that will be required by you during the journey then make sure you get them added in your ride by choosing the correct plan for your commuting needs.

Are you planning to consider a limo ride for your next travel plan? Get in touch with us at JC limos to acquire a smooth ride. We promise that you will attain a very comfortable experience when booking a limo from us. We have a wide range of vehicles ready for you, all you have to do is select the one that suits your requirement, enter your locations and get the journey started. To reserve a ride or to know more about our company or the services, call or drop a mail.

How limo service adds to your advantage on a vacation or business trip

The use of Limousine is not just confined to weddings and prom nights. It is also a great way to commence a vacation or a business trip. No matter you are going for a holiday with family, or traveling to a new region for corporate reasons, Limos can cater to all your need. You will feel like royalty upon landing at the airport, and see a luxurious vehicle waiting for you.

Makes traveling much easier and fun-filled

Traveling in a Limousine is a lot more fun. After a long and tiring flight, you do not have to wait outside the airport for a taxi or a shuttle service to take you to your hotel. You will find the chauffeur waiting for you at the arrival’s gate. He will help you out with the luggage. He will open the car gate for you and keep your baggage in the trunk of the vehicle.

All you have to do is get inside and enjoy the luxurious leather seats in the car. To add to your comfort, you will also be served with your favorite drink and newspaper.

Quick transportation

After being tired from the journey, all you want is to get to the hotel as soon as possible to rest for a while. Getting out of the Sydney airport is a big task. It remains packed with passengers all the year around. Without the help of a knowledgeable chauffeur you will not be able to get out of it conveniently.

No matter you want to head towards an important appointment with your client or just to the hotel for rest, hiring one makes sure you reach your designated drop-off point in time.

Additionally, when you are on a business trip, it is the quickest way to travel between different appointments and meetings.  A luxury ride ensures you reach the destination fresh and relaxed.

However, you can even use the vehicle for sightseeing tours. Just get the company well-versed about your taste and preferences and they will customize a package for as per to that. The chauffeurs know the city like the back of their hands so they can help you move around without any hassle.

For Limos for corporate and leisure travel needs, get in touch with JC Limos. We offer custom-made and reasonably priced rental packages for you. Call us for additional details or fill our online forms for bookings. We will be happy to meet all your needs.

Hiring a Limousine? Etiquettes you need to follow

Hiring a Limousine for a special occasion is a great way to kick start the celebrations. They perfectly fit for all events, including, wedding, prom night, bachelor party, night out, airport transfers and business use.

Limos are dream cars of everyone. The car bespoke luxury, style, class and sophistication. It offers a grand experience to the one riding inside the vehicle. Therefore, it is very important to book the vehicle from a reputable firm to have the best times of your life. However, the kind of experience you have while riding a Limousine also depends on you. In order to have a nice time, you also need practice good etiquettes.

Show courtesies

Disrespectful behavior with chauffeur is a strict no. Make sure you respect him. He is at your disposal for your comfort and safety. So, therefore, you should make sure you do not misbehave with him.

On the other hand, take care of the vehicle you are traveling in. Limousines are pricey cars and companies work hard to make sure that they remain in first class condition. Make sure your actions do not damage it in any way.

Seating capacity

Limousines have varying seating capacities. So, therefore, you should not overload it. Book the vehicle that can accommodate your group. However, in many instances, the number of people allowed in the car is decided by the law. If such is the case, you can be heavily fined.

Above all, overloading the car is uncomfortable for you and your guests only. The space will be cramped up and you will not be able to enjoy the ride.

Abide by local laws

Different states have different regulations and rule. So ensure you adhere to all laws and regulations.

Take care of your belongings

It is suggested that you should not travel with any valuable item in a Limo. If in any case, you are carrying one, take care of it. Do not leave any such stuff in the car when you are not traveling in it.


Tip the chauffeur well if he was kind and courteous to you. A mannered and professional driver should be rewarded for his services. A tip of15 to 20% of your bill would be an appropriate tipping etiquette. The tip should be offered to the driver in an enclosed envelope.

JC Limousine offer Limo hire service in Sydney. You can choose from high end luxury models like Stretch Limousine, SUV and Sedans. Call us for additional details or fill our online form.

The Limousine services- going an extra mile for their customers

Sydney is a popular tourist destination. If you are going to travel to the city soon, consider hiring Limousine services. No matter you will be visiting the city for fun or work, traveling to and fro via public transportation facilities can be stressful.  This way you get less time to enjoy as you have to be time bound. However, renting a Limo is the best choice among people who want to travel stress-free

Why you should opt for Limo services?

Even if you drive on a regular basis, at some point of time, you might need a car rental service. You might need a quick ride to the airport to catch a flight, or rush to a meeting venue, or move around the city for sightseeing tour with a guest. No matter your reasons to hire a Limo, it can make your transportation hassle-free and convenient in all situations. When on a long distance journey, the entertainment facilities inside the car can keep you engaged.

They are the best modes of transportation from place to another at your comfort and within your budget.

Additional benefits:

  • It avoids you from the hassle of driving and navigation that is a welcoming change sometimes.
  • Saves your car from excess wear and tear. Help you save extra bugs on fuel on a long distance trip.
  • Avoid delays due to traffic
  • Guaranteed on-time pickups
  • Avoid hassle of sudden breakdown of the car and urgent repairing needs
  • Gives you time to relax while the chauffeur handles all the navigation issues
  • Makes traveling easier in an unknown city.
  • Online booking and payment system
  • Comfort and convenience
  • Door to door pickup and drop off facilities
  • 24/7 availability
  • Reasonable prices

You can use Limousine services for:

  • Sightseeing tours: It allows you to move around the city in comfort. You can explore all tourist destinations within the city.
  • Airport transfer: Relying on these makes sure you do not get delayed in catching your flight.
  • Point to point transfers: Let you hop from one destination to another hassle-free.

These are also available for personal use like weddings, prom nights, bachelor party and lots more.

For Limos hire services Sydney, get in touch with JC Limos. You can fill our online reservation forms for booking. We will get back to you in the shortest time possible.

Limousines Sydney- for a perfect occasion

Life brings loads of occasions and special events to celebrate and experience luxury. So in order to add a few memorable moments to your life, it becomes necessary not to refrain from the availing the opportunities to hire Limousines Sydney.

Moving around a metropolitan city like Sydney becomes uncomfortable due to traffic. It adds to your stress while you are already worn down by your hectic way of life. So reward yourself with a touch of comfort that only a Limousine can offer.

Sydney is a very beautiful and developed city with a good transport infrastructure. It is a popular tourist and business hub. Many leisure and business travelers frequently flock the city. So they usually rely on car rentals for their transit. The limo is the hot favorite of them. They like to avail a stylish ride to the destination. Why only the tourists, even these are quite popular among residents of the region. The agencies offer a wide range of services such as corporate travel, airport transfers, wedding, special events and lot more.

Corporate Car Hire

Business travelers are always in a rush. Each minute is important for them. So hiring corporate vehicles help earn them a load of benefits. Executives represent a brand name. Driving around in Limo uplifts the reputation and stature of your company. Also, the option helps you save a lot of time and money.

Airport transfers

Sydney airport remains quite busy. Getting transport from the airstrip during busy hours can be quite challenging. Moreover, long distance flights leave you tiresome at times. Many providers offer affordable packages for aerodrome transit services. So you need not stand in the queue waiting for the next available cab or a shuttle. The chauffeur meets you at the baggage claim, helps you with the luggage and takes you to the car.

Wedding Limos

Marriage is one of the most special occasions in one’s life. Leaving the transportation on a reliable firm makes sure the wedding runs smoothly and timely. Ride in glamour to the venue. The firms have vintage and exotic cars to cater to such occasions.

Special events and city tours

Celebrations are a part of our lives. No matter it is just another birthday or your anniversary or a special night out with friends, let a Limo, get you to the destination and back.

Sydney is a top tourist destination. The firms offer sightseeing tour packages at affordable prices. A luxury tour adds to your experience and makes it unforgettable.

For hiring best limousines Sydney, get in touch with JC Limousines. We offer car rentals for corporate and leisure travel needs. Call us for details.

Endless benefits of Limo Services

In the recent time, traveling for work has increased. To be on the edge from competitors, one has to devise new ideas to vow new clients and customers. Most of the individual have a very hectic schedule that has increased the demand for convenient transportation facilities like Limousines. Nowadays many car hire companies have sprung up that provides vehicles at reasonable prices.

Limousines symbolize prestige, wealth and comfort. It offers unmatchable luxury and sophistication. There are myriad of benefits of using them for your business tour. Let’s have a look at the advantages of using the services.


Car rentals are economical to use than other means of transport. It takes off a huge burden from your shoulders. You can move around in a hassle-free manner. It takes off all worries from your trip be it navigation, parking, and traffic. The chauffeur takes you to the destination smoothly. The tour can be more productive for the corporate as they can work on their laptop and get set for the next round of meetings.

Professional Chauffeur

Another advantage of hiring the vehicle is that you get a designated driver for your ride. You do not have to navigate through throngs of traffic. You can sit back while an experienced driver steers you to the destination in comfort. The drivers are professionally trained and make your journey smooth.

Comfy Ride

There is a reason Limousines are said to be comfortable. The interior of the vehicles includes plush leather seats, LED, wet bars, telephone, music systems, and a lot more. All these facilities make your journey entertaining. You can have immense fun during the trip. Apart from the fun factor, the business travelers can use the amenities to relax them after a long and tiring day.

Time Saver

It can save a lot of your time. Traveling in public carriers seems cheap but in reality it is a big time hassle. After landing in a new city, looking for the public commuting option is never easy. It may even take hours for you to reach the destination. A pre-booked car makes sure you do not face any stresses.

When you choose a Limo for your journey, your designated driver comes to pick you on time. He knows the city routes and traffic patterns hence saving a lot of your time.

For Limos in Sydney, get in touch with JC Limousine. We offer car rentals for all special occasions and events at affordable prices. Call us for details or fill online forms for reservations.

Sydney Limo Prices- Factors to consider

Sydney Limos are famous. They are mostly rented for special occasions like proms, weddings, night outs, and even corporate events. However, the Sydney Limo prices differ from event to event and the offers also vary depending on the car company.

The article talks about the Sydney Limo prices:

Basics of Limo rental prices

The cost of services depends on a number of factors. The time of the year at which you are going to rent a car may affect the price. During peak season, you can expect Limos to have higher rates, and you can anticipate for much lower costs during the non-peak days.

Charges also vary on the type of Limousine you select. If you want to hire a brand new car, the cost is high.

Weekends are always exceptional. After a tiring week at office, you just want to relax on weekends. Charges of the services soar on Saturday and Sundays as the demand of the services is more during these days.

The areas you live impact the price of Limo hire services. If you live in cities like New York and Sydney, the prices for the chauffeured car services could be quite high. A car from the countryside is cheap.

Distance is also an important criterion that influences the Limo rental costs. A whole tour of the city is highly chargeable. The type of service also sways the rental costs.

Peak season

Limousine costs indeed increase during the following occasions like weddings, proms, graduation and other special events. Some firms have advanced booking for cheaper prices. If you can book a year or six months before, you can great discounts.

What adds to extra value to Sydney Limo prices?

Limousine services come with a driver. However, the tip of the driver is not included in the package. You have to pay around 10% of the total package amount to the chauffeur as tip. Some firms also charge extra for gas and parking fee. All you have to do is research well before you select a firm. Look for the exact costs and compare prices between two to three Limo rental providers.

Now after you know all the factors that sway Sydney Limo prices, you can choose your option accordingly. It is crucial to inquire about value of services a provider offers.

JC Limos offer the best car rental services in the region at highly reasonable prices. Call us for more information.

Limo Hire Services- Advantages of booking online

When looking for Limo services, style, luxury and extravagance are paramount features to look for. Limos are a popular mode of transport for those who want to travel king size. With the world going tech savvy, Limo providers have gone online. Using the internet you can get all necessary information that you need to avail these services. Limo services are available for night outs, airport transfers, corporate travel, weddings and other fun and leisure events.

People in need now rely on the internet for booking or making inquiries. The article highlights the benefits of hiring a Limo online.

Booking online is convenient

The internet has made it easy for one to avail Limo hire services. You can book these services while sitting comfortably on your couch or working in the office. You just need an internet connection using which you can contact the local providers and make a reservation. The Limo providers work on 24-hour basis. You can book one at any time of the day or night. You get a confirmation the next second of making a booking.

You get the variety

The internet allows you to compare different sized Limos. You can select a vehicle as per its size and other requirements. Choose from the available colors. You can choose a pink Limousine, white or black… any color that goes with your event. Additionally, you can also compare different amenities and features that come with a Limousine.

Better prices

The internet also lets you peek at the price structure of the provider. Limos are luxurious vehicles and expensive to rent. However, you can compare the pricing of two to three providers and select the one that seem to fit in your budget. When you book online, you may also get rebates and coupons that further help you save money.


It offers you the ability to make discreet purchases. Privacy is paramount in our lives. The web offers you the opportunity to get privacy without any frets. Moreover, your transaction is also secured. Your privacy is respected in every manner.

JC Limo services are available online. You can visit our website to have a look at our services and fleet. For booking, fill our online form. Our customer representative remains at your disposal around the clock, so you can dial us anytime. For queries about Limo services, get in touch with us. We will be happy to help you.